Morrissey's autobiography released after March 2013?

Not much really but this morning I enquired in a independent bookshop in Auckland if they had any details from Penguin when Morrissey's auto-bio would be out next year. After a little bit of tapping on the pc the girl behind the counter informed me that their (the shop's) database has all the new releases up until March next year on it and Morrissey is not listed.

Perhaps a Northern Hemisphere spring or summer release would be most likely. It might also time well with a few festivals coming up. It's two weeks today until Morrissey plays Auckland! I'm starting to get exicted, but calm. I have plans...


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Has Morrissey actually signed a deal with Penguin?



We only know Morrissey signed with William Morris Endeavor. No news about which publisher will publish his autobiography.

Last year this time of the year I remember watching Channel 4 news which reported that celeb autobiographies sales slump.

If he manages to get a recording contract, his autobiography will be published around the same time of his 10th studio album release, I suppose.
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If Moz had signed with a publisher, they would be shouting about it. The autobiography may have been written, but, like the album that is supposedly written, whether anyone will pay Moz enough cash to release it is another thing. Personally I think it's 50/50 that it will EVER be published.


So the title of the thread should really be

''Morrissey's autobiography not released before March - if at all!''

To be honest, it's a bit of a non story all round, like having a thread saying ''Morrissey's next album will be released after April 2012'', which it will, (if released) but doesn't tell anyone anything about when exactly it will be out.


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Allow at least six months between the signing of a deal and the release of a book. That's pretty much the minimum amount of time it would take to get it onto a publisher's release calendar. And six months is a very narrow margin--twelve to eighteen months is more likely.


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Increasingly looks like it could be a posthumous release. You can't sue the dead
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