Morrissey's announcements/blogs (or whatever) on True to You - have they helped or hindered?

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What impact have Morrissey's personal True to You messages had on his status/career etc overall?

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  1. Maurice E Maher

    Maurice E Maher Active Member

    Jun 19, 2014
    It seems that in recent times (i.e. the last year or two) Morrissey has made more announcements via True to You than ever before.
    But what is the overall impact of him communicating in this way i.e. direct, immediate, without editing etc?
    Has it been good for him (his status, his career etc) or has it had a negative impact?
  2. VivaGil

    VivaGil i've got no charm

    Feb 2, 2012
    Texas, not quite mexico
    Well that last one was seemingly the reason the last straw in him getting dropped so I'd say probably negative.
  3. Oh my god. it's Robby!

    Oh my god. it's Robby! spontaneously luminescent

    Apr 26, 2006
    the PRC
    Morrissey is in desperate need of a publicist, one that he would actually listen to :straightface:
    this whole lawsuit thing is just the latest example, anybody with just a modest amount of savvy would have waited for the story to drop
    rather than Morrissey post about it himself :crazy:
    then if and when anybody wanted to speak to him for a comment he could have had a carefully rehearsed statement which he stuck to :cool:
    while he was plugging his new record :thumb:
    I mean I am no marketing wiz, but this just seems like common sense to me :o
    and while I like a reading his bizarre blend of banality, sometimes sublime, often preachy, occasionally witty little ditties we know as "Morrissey News" :rolleyes:
    he makes far too many of them, it should be something with a frequency of no more than once a month, it just seems pathetic him issuing all these statements about the lamest shit, it should be beneath him

    if he really wants to say something every once and a while then he could have something like "Morrissey Monthly Unmentionables" or something like that or some such monthly manifesto like thing, very 19th century like :p
    something he and others could go over, take time with and then really decide whether they really need to post about how he no longer has a record label again :ha-no:
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