Morrissey's albums ranked

1) You Are The Quarry
2) Viva Hate
3) World Peace Is None Of Your Business
4) Your Arsenal
5) Low In High School
6) Vauxhall And I
7) Kill Uncle
8) Ringleader Of The Tormentors
9) Years Of Refusal
10) Southpaw Grammar
11) Maladjusted


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1. Vauxhall and I
2. Your Arsenal
3. Viva Hate
4. You Are The Quarry
5. Ringleader of the Tormentors
6. World Peace is None of Your Business
7. Southpaw Grammar
8. Kill Uncle
9. Years of Refusal
10. Low in High School
11. Maladjusted

Low in High School is liable to change. I've softened my stance slightly on it. Musically, it's not a bad album by any means. I'm just struggling to form a bond with a lot of the songs on it the way I could so easily do on others. It might be the first album where the lyrics actually let the music down.


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1. Vauxhall and I
2. Viva Hate
3. Your Arsenal
4. Low in High School
5. You Are The Quarry
6. Years Of Refusal
7. Southpaw Grammar
8. Maladjusted
9. Kill Uncle
10. Ringleader of the Tormentors
11. World Peace is None of Your Business

Though it's not an album 'proper', Bona Drag is my fave by far.
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Good to see Low in High School getting the praise here it deserves. Easily his second best album of this Century and 4-6 in his general discography.

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Are you a fast moon shadow?
No, I'm a quick EARTH shadow. I was just having a go because you chose that album as number 3 on your list and I thought it was funny since your name is viva hate. That's all. Can't tell if you got it or not by your response. Just kidding around anyway. I love your avatar. That is such a great episode.
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I am surprised at how many people put Kill Uncle at the bottom. I will concede the album sounds thin but songs are great. The album has the swagger of Smiths album. I know Morrissey doesn't like it much either. He even left Tony The Pony off the remastered version. That song could have been a Smiths track. It swings like something off their first album and the arpeggiated guitar chords at the end sound like something Johnny Marr would have written. There is no way how I can see anyone putting his new album above Kill Uncle but I guess I am in the minority. Even Morrissey pans the album. I don't get it.

Well, Tony the Pony was never intended to be on the US release of the album. It was a record company error. It was meant only for a b-side and Morrissey was very upset at the time because it messed up the flow of the album. So I can see why he would not include it on the reissue. Moz does love to right old wrongs. You'll notice it was not on the original UK version of Kill Uncle either. I agree it is a really good song though. It is actually much more traditional and more accessible than the singles released from Kill Uncle and as you said more reminiscent of his earlier Smiths songs. Mainstream listeners might have taken to it easier than say Our Frank or even Sing Your Life because of this. I love all of Kill Uncle, but it was somewhat challenging on first listen. Also, remember, after the long wait following the acclaimed Viva Hate album and the disappointingly delayed and then scrapped original Bona Drag album, plus the powerful singles that came in between like November and Playboys there was a lot of expectation built up for Kill Uncle. For whatever reason it just didn't connect with a lot of people. I blame it on the unusual production sound of Clive Langer and Alan Winstanley.


1. Viva Hate
2. Your Arsenal
3. Low in High School
4. Vauxhall
5. World Peace
6. Refusal
7. Maladjusted
8. KU
9. Quarry
10. Ringleader
11. Southpaw

I think we can all agree that 'Low...' is a corker - it's defied all expectations.



1. Vauxhall And I (153)
2. Your Arsenal (146)
3. Viva Hate (130)
4. You Are The Quarry (105)
5. Low In High School (98)
6. World Peace Is None Of your Business (93)
7. Years Of Refusal (79)
8. Southpaw Grammar (77)
9. Maladjusted (70)
10. Ringleader Of The Tormentors (66)
11. Kill Uncle (43)


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Seems obvious now that Ringleader is Morrissey's most overrated album (critically speaking) and Low in High School his most underrated.


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1. Your Arsenal
2. Vauxhall And I
3. World Peace Is None Of Your Business
11. Kill Uncle

Sorry, I can’t do it. List’s too difficult. I started something I can’t finish.


1-5 vauxhall, arsenal, low, world and quarry.
6-8 years, ring, viva.
9-11 malad, kill, south.


1. Vauxhall
2. Arsenal
3. Southpaw
4. Viva hate
5. World peace
6. Quarry
7. Maladjusted
8. Refusal
9. Kill uncle
10. Low in school
11. Ringleader


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Numbers 1 & 2 are always dead set. 3,4,5 can swap around from time to time. Maladjusted is the best of his worst. 7,8,9 arnt shite, just not my cup of tea. 10 & 11 forever in the relegation zone.

1. Viva Hate
2. Vauxhall & I
3. Your Arsenal
4. Ringleader Of The Tormentors
5. You Are The Quarry
6. Maladjusted
7. Kill Uncle
8. Years Of Refusal
9. Southpaw Grammar
10. Low In High School
11. World Peace Is None Of Your Business


Viva Hate
Your Arsenal
Low In High School
Kill Uncle
1) Vauxhall and I
2) Viva Hate
3) Your Arsenal
4) World Peace Is None Of Your Business
5) Ringleader of the Tormentors
6) Maladjusted
7) You Are the Quarry
8) Southpaw Grammar
9) Years of Refusal
10) Kill Uncle
11) Low in High School


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1, Viva Hate
2, Vauxhall and I
3, Ringleader of the Tormentors
4, Your Arsenal
5, World Peace is None of Your Business
6, You are the Quarry
7. Years of Refusal
8, Low in High School
9, Maladjusted
10, Southpaw Grammar
11, Kill Uncle


To me, Southpaw grammar (the first version) was the last good moz album, meaning good from start to finish. From the latest i can't find 1 single good song. I wish Alain would come back, the band now can't do music. If only Boz would write the music, would be better, but the others are record after record hopeless. But also Moz & Boz lost it long time ago, but they have at least something to offer. Moz Solo 1988-2002.
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Yeah I have Southpaw Grammar near the top. Love that record.

1. Viva Hate
2. Your Arsenal
3. Southpaw Grammar
4. Maladjusted
5. Vauxhall and I
6. You are the Quarry
7. Years of Refusal
8. Ringleader of the Tormentors
9. Low in High School (might creep up with listening - love side A)
10. World Peace is None of Your Business
11. Kill Uncle


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1 Vauxhall&I
2 Viva Hate
3 World Peace is none of your business
4 You are the Quarry
5 Years of Refusal
6 Low in High School
7 Kill Uncle
8 Your Arsenal
9 Ringleader of the Tormentors
10 Southpaw Grammar
11 Maladjusted.
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  1. You Are the Quarry
  2. Vauxhall and I
  3. Viva Hate
  4. Your Arsenal
  5. Ringleader of the Tormentors
  6. Years of Refusal
  7. Kill Uncle
  8. Low in High School
  9. World Peace Is None of Your Business
  10. Maladjusted
  11. Southpaw Grammar
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