@morrisseyofficial / Instagram post Oct. 22, 2021; appears to be controlled by Quest Artist Management

You don't think 3,000 troll comments on the debut official IG post would make someone think twice about signing an artist? Not to mention the ones on Twitter and FB. It shows Morrissey is deeply unpopular with everyone except his core audience and some of them are wavering.
I think it's more concerning the fact that he doesn't have many followers yet
I wouldn't worry too much about the Instagram comments because over on Spotify he still has nearly 1.9 million monthly listeners and on Last.fm he has 1.3 million listeners + averaging 2,400 listeners daily(for reference Marr has been averaging 300-400 daily listeners)
Trolls and Followers ... Here is a sign of fame in these dark times.
Lp's , cd's , T-shirts , never ending queues , "shakehands" ...
All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain ....
Just had a quick look at the comments and they are insane. Ranging from ordinary abuse to pathologically deranged to sheer nonsense. Didn’t see one normal comment. Has it become ‘a thing’ to post weird comments on M’s Instagram?
So much like here then? Phew! Thought there might be a problem.
Nah, they don’t care. Coordinated trolling, shit-posting, whatever you want to call it…it happens all day long all over the internet and no one at the record label is taking it seriously. If anything, they just see it as “engagement.”
I work for a company where a just a dozen of those Moz-trolling comments on one of our products would warrant a “what’s going on here” damage control Zoom meeting. We have a whole team of people working just on Instagram for each brand. That’s how we market things now. I can’t believe the record industry is much different.

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