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Hi all, sorry if this was mentioned already (a search for 'preorder' on the board didn't turn anything up). The short story is that the merchandise from the Morrisseymusic/Musictoday sold out sometime before Thursday morning.

So, on Wednesday (29 March), like most of you here, I got an email from Morrisseymusic saying that the Ringleader preorder would end today, Friday. (Confusingly, it also said, 'You have just five days left', when Friday was actually just two days away.)

I'd already placed my own preorder, but a few fans outside the U.S. also wanted me to preorder copies with t-shirts for them. Since Musictoday wouldn't let me add to my original preorder ('all preorder sales are final, you must place another order'), I was waiting to get everyone's information and place one new total order early on Thursday, so that I wouldn't get a bunch of separate packages, and so that the other fans wouldn't have to pay too much to get their orders shipped to me, before I sent them on individually.

I first went to the store to try to place the order on Thursday morning, and I got a message saying something along the lines of 'No merchandise is available'. I assumed the site was down or something, since I had just gotten an email the day prior saying the preorder would end Friday. I emailed Musictoday, but didn't get a reply on Thursday. I kept checking the site; same message all day; then I called Musictoday when they opened this morning (Friday), and the rep said (quote), 'Our allocation for that preorder sold out much faster than we expected.'

So, well, I'm really sorry to the fans who wanted me to buy CDs+shirts for them (!). I asked the Musictoday rep if he knew how big their 'allocation' had been, but he didn't.

OK, that was the exceptionally long version... again, to people who contacted me well in advance, I feel shitty about it and I'm awfully sorry.

love, math+

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