Morrissey with Thelma Houston: singing on next album "early 2020" (pictured 12 August, 2019)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Famous when dead, Aug 13, 2019.

By Famous when dead on Aug 13, 2019 at 11:24 AM
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    Release date mentioned by Thelma also.

    Related item:
    • Morrissey Statement/San Diego Date - Mar. 24, 2012

      Excerpt posted by Dave:

      In April, EMI re-issue my 1988 single Suedehead as remixed by Ron and Russell Mael. This is a great thrill for me, and I am indebted till death to Ron and Russell.
      You might also be aware that Thelma Houston has also recorded Suedehead this year.
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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Famous when dead, Aug 13, 2019.

    1. Uncleskinny
      Y'all seem ready to forget at the drop of a hat he's a racist, and is friends with Nazis. Do you all forget that easily? I'm going to keep on reminding you and him what he's said and done. I won't forget.
      This message by Uncleskinny has been hidden due to negative ratings. (Show message)
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    2. Anonymous
      Shows you have literally nothing in your life
      You’re life a dangerous, spurned lover.
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    3. Anonymous
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    4. gashonthenail
      Isn't it fun? Watching Skinny wind himself up?
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    5. Amy
      She's got a great voice and so has he - not so long ago, everybody would be looking forward to hearing this.

      Now, Morrissey's image and public 'persona' are so tarnished that this will only look like damage control.
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    6. Anonymous
      These recent photos are laughable. It seems in recent weeks Morrissey has braced ethnicity. Who will he drape himself around next in an attempt to prove he's not racist? He could prove his anti-racist view by denouncing Farage, Waters and Yaxley-Lennon - he won't.

      Sameer. Thelma. Used by a desperate singer for promotional purposes. It's manipulative and insincere.
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    7. esperanza
      Can't you see you're now just an amusing sideshow on this site. You rarely disappoint though,I'll give you that. People are able to make their own minds up about what the (mostlyBritish)media put out about the man in question and for the most part it's generally regurgitated misquoted nonsense.
      How do you define racism? Someone who doesn't share your views? Do you think the journalist's that pursue the rascist angle are honourable in their reporting? What's your take on the NME circa '92? Your obviously a fairly intelligent chap therefore I can't see why you would see the racism in the songs. You obviously know the context in which there written etc. But judging by your posts here you must take the view of the headline grabbing hacks who keep harping on and misquoting them. Your post from The Guardian about the person covering up the tattoo was a really poor effort even by your standards. But no doubt you still try to keep ramming your views down peoples throats.
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    8. Anonymous
      Uncle Peter, the gift that keeps on giving; the utter twat that keeps on being a cunt. Brilliant! Please don't stop - I always need a good laugh at the end of the day. I do feel a bit of guilt - like the middle class Victorians who would pay a few pennies to watch the lunatics at the nearest mental asylum - but not enough time make me stop reading your Chapman-esq ramblings.

      Make no mistake - you are a complete and utter cunt and a total embarrassment to anyone unfortunate enough to know you, but you do entertain me.
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    9. TonyMaroneythePony
      the alternative press headline will read "Morrissey Pushes Black Female Soul Singer Down Escalator"...The Guardian will completely ignore.....
    10. DaveJCarr
      Has anybody ripped it?
    11. The Truth
      The Truth
      Are you assuming she is ignorant? Can't read? Maybe needs a white person to tell her about it?
      This is your own racism and it explains why you need to see it in others to deny it in yourself. Assuming she doesn't know about this is racist.
      You might be racist if you think that you know more about racism than a black person who has lived with it her whole life does.
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    12. The Truth
      The Truth
      `Did he find that shirt and necklace at Barry Manilow's yard sale?
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    13. Joshua's Fruit Shorties
      Joshua's Fruit Shorties
      I'm sorry, but I so very nearly choked to death with laughter on seeing this photo
      The thought of the guy who once sang "Burn down the disco/Hang the blessed DJ/Because the music they constantly play/It says nothing to me about my life" now being in need of a 70's disco diva to resuscitate his career is absolutely hilarious!
      The irony of someone that once said - in all seriousness - that there was a "conspiracy" to fill the charts with "discofied nonsense" now needing those they previously berated is just too delicious by half.
      Bless you, @Uncleskinny, but you have to see the funny side of this. As a black Smiths fan, I most certainly do. :D
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    14. Uncleskinny
      Do you want to forget he's a racist? Do you?

      Is that where you're at?
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    15. vegan cro spirit 555
      vegan cro spirit 555

      who is more WOKE?

      1 Skinny?
      2 Untruth?
      3 Mini Mao in Hong Kong?

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    16. Anonymous
      If only anyone who lives with you knew what you’re up to. A 50+ nan reduced to this.
      Go the pub soft lad.
    17. Joshua's Fruit Shorties
      Joshua's Fruit Shorties
      @The bad. I like you.:p
    18. Anonymous
      Finally a rap album and go on Moz grab her melon.
    19. Anonymous
      I don’t think that’s what he’s saying. ...but you’ve definitely got the “I’m not a racist but maybe you are” banter down to a tee, ya daft wee cunt.

      Keep trying, son.

      Not a Morrissey fan left that’s not an apologist for rubes, wing-nuts and the unemployable.
    20. esperanza
      You seem to like using the word "rascist" quite often. Again, I'll ask you, how do you personally define rascism?
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