Morrissey wears his anarchy like a badge of honor on Low in High School - Fact Mag

Famous when dead

By A.C.Welsh.


"Low in High School, Morrissey’s 11th studio album, is just as outspoken as we’ve come to expect from the beloved, but beguiling former Smiths frontman. But even in a time of political unrest, April Clare Welsh finds his candor teeters on snarling and cruel to the point of apathy.

Morrissey has returned after three years with “rage in his blood and endless hooks” to write his most political album to date. The legendary wit that fed us vaudevillian one-liners and poignant vignettes about vicars in tutus and lonely British seaside towns has been eclipsed in recent times by a bile-fueled troll who delights in needless provocation. This new LP, Low in High School, consolidates his hatred into a no-holds-barred tirade. It’s hard to be authentic in an age when political albums are ten-a-penny, but Morrissey at least has conviction, in spite of his increasingly problematic behavior."

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