Morrissey was 100% correct



“You seem to be saying you believe there is some sort of black pop conspiracy being organised to keep white indie groups down.

“Yes. I really do.”

Morrissey goes on: “The charts have been constructed quite clearly as an absolute form of escapism rather than anything anyone can gain any knowledge by. I find that very disheartening because it wasn't always that way. Isn't it curious that practically none of these records reflect life as we live it? Isn't it curious that 93½per cent of these records reflect life as it isn't lived? That foxes me!”

“If you compare the exposure that records by the likes of Janet Jackson and the stream of other anonymous Jacksons get to the level of daily airplay that the Smiths receive—the Smiths have had at least 10 consecutive chart hits and we still can't get on Radio 1's A-list. Is that not a conspiracy? The last LP ended up at number two and we were still told by radio that nobody wanted to listen to the Smiths in the daytime. Is that not a conspiracy? I do get the scent of a conspiracy.””

Proof that the charts were fixed:

Wow! Very interesting and it again shows how rotten the music industry is. I wanted to please escalate this to the main page. Hope this is okay
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