Morrissey Central "Morrissey visits his mother's childhood home, 12 May 2023." (May 14, 2023)



Morrissey visits his mother's childhood home, 12 May 2023.

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The pain of losing parents is reflected in the eyes of their children. I think that for Morrissey these trips to memorable places are something of a therapy, because the bitterness from the irreparable loss of his mother eats from the inside, and somehow he need to live on. One can only guess how hard it is for him to accept this grief, and I hope that close people give him the necessary support.

I wonder who the author of the picture? A little crooked shot, as if in a hurry. Probably, the one who took this photo was afraid that fans would suddenly appear and not give Morrissey peace.
I assume Damon took the pic as they're always together.
That looks so grim, but mire in line with what you could expect in this period around the second world war. I can remember visiting our grandmither’s house (= house where my mother is born) and it is not exactly the comfort we take for granted these days.

A similar tenement about 10 minutes' walk away collapsed, resulting in residents being killed in 1913. An inquiry found many living in similar conditions. This was during the Lockout, the biggest industrial action taken in Ireland, after which I would have thought there would have been improvements but apparently nothing much was done until the 60s, up to when accidents kept happening. More about that history here

The man in my current profile picture is Jim Larkin, from Liverpool, inspiring leader of the strikes that were held over several months mainly in Dublin, as mentioned in the article..
Nice to think Morrissey's on our island: keeps me smiling and whistling at my work :love:
I think number 33 is next to the James Joyce Centre, at no. 35. Lots of high-brow events held in there, which seems apt.

A popular senator, David Norris, has lived on the street for decades and he was instrumental in the movement to modernise the houses, as described here -

I don't think this street is mentioned in Autobiography, so the family might not have stayed there for long.
These were tenament houses, Morrisseys mother was born in a tenament before the family moved to Crumlin
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