Morrissey Central "Morrissey visits his mother's childhood home, 12 May 2023." (May 14, 2023)



Morrissey visits his mother's childhood home, 12 May 2023.

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Maybe this visit, which must have been on his mind, had a part to play in his frustration with cabin crew on that delayed flight.
Lovely photo.

Interesting that the building itself is basically a replica of the one his mother would have grown up in. According to a Dublin City Council document on the street's architectural history:

3.3.5 There were also a number of major developments in this period including the removal of the lower part of the eastern side of North Great George’s Street. All buildings at no’s 29-34 were removed in the early 1980’s due to concerns regarding their dangerous condition. They were latterly replaced by structures designed in the form of faithful replica. The structures opposite at no’s 22-25 were also similarly replaced later in the century.
What a sweet and lovely picture and Mozzer looks so cute in that cap.
It really is a beautiful picture, we don’t get to see often what seems to be a private moment.
I appreciate i can see his hands and jewelry.
He looks so cute with that cap!. All in all is a great colorful photo.
“balancing life's riches
Against the ditches
And the flat gray years in-between”
Poor Moz looks like he was crying before the photo was taken. Everything is going wrong and our Moz deserves a break. Music is his life and the bastards won't release one album while nobody else has the guts to touch the second album. The night is darkest just before the dawn.
No excuse. Everyone has a story.
Everyone stuggles sometimes. No excuse for a grown man to behave like a dumb arse.
It adds context to the situation. He lost both his best friend and mother in a single day and visiting places like this will bring it all flooding back. He deserves to be cut some slack.
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