Morrissey visits Bengans record store (Gothenburg, Oct. 18, 2013)

UPDATE Oct. 19:

Gabriel writes:

Hello there, just thought I'd let you know that Moz visited another Bengans record store in Gothenburg today, saturday oct 19th. I don't know how to link to individual posts but here's their Facebook page with a picture (a proper one this time) currently as their top/latest post:

Idag fick även moderskeppet fint främmande. En mycket svettig och nervös (läs livrädd) NewGuy-Peter uppbådade allt sitt mod och fick gå hem (läs på krogen) med ett brett leende, signerad skiva och fotobevis. Tack för besöket Moz, välkommen åter! — with Peter Rudvall.

Morran writes:

Morrissey visited the record store "Bengans" yesterday (Friday) at about 6 pm. Photo from the Facebook page of the store.

Bengans Skivbutik
Någon som känner igen kunden vi nyss hade på City Bengans?

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hand in glove

40 percent papier mache
I like what he's wearing. He looks very healthy these days. Thanks for posting this.


What next, fox hunting with the royals?

Certainly dressed for it!


My secret's my enzyme.
I love the flat cap. I wore my grandfather's to school every day in the third grade like a weird little kid.

That llama is mesmerizing.

cornelius blaze

Boychild mustn't tremble!


He doesn't exactly look....happy, does he? Haunted, more like. Looks like he needs a hug! Perhaps the fuss over his 'humasexuality' has been a shock for him.


Goodness he is in his mid 50s for goodness sake ! What do you want from him ......face lifts and plastic surgery ? He looks GREAT ! As for the photo , he never looks to comfortable when he gets surprised or asked to pose for a fan's camera , Would You look charming all the time ?

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