Morrissey versus the Music Press


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I love how Morrissey never played the game with the music press and knew there would be a backlash. They mostly champion their mates who get a free ride for years (Blur, Oasis, Elbow,The Manics). They can't turn 'round and then say "Oh were wrong about so and so".
I would face torture rather than admit Damon Albarn was nothing but a pseud and The Manics were tuneless dullards.
I guess I'm showing my age and the younger bands are all being treated the same. I actually inadvertently heard The 1975 perform an acoustic set on YouTube and they weren't diabolical. I only heard 2 songs and they do have the stench of the Private School about them.
Morrissey never kowtowed to the press and they never forgave him.
never sell your soul because you will never get it back again,,,,,or as they say in Scotland never sook up anybodies arse. entertainment is dead in the uk,most record shops are gone or are struggling,the video shop used to be a staple of the high street,havent seen one in years since blockbuster died.the music press would rather be in bed with cowell and the record companies coz the only thing that matters anymore is MONEY.
It's shameful the way mainstream press treat the ones who play their game and the ones who resist to be their puppets. It would be nice to believe people knows the difference. But sometimes they don't.
I fail to see how the Gallaghers have been media puppets... Because they are hilarious interviewees? Because they are outspoken and don't censor themselves? Bollocks.
Personally I think people over estimate the influence and power of today's musical press
Morrissey has been given a raw deal by the music press at times as have many others. He's no martyr though. He has also said some very stupid things which deserved to be ridiculed.
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