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Does Morrissey have a preferred venue for each town he visits?
Most bands tend to play ALL o2 academys but Morrissey will happily play brixton and leeds but then swap TO city halls for Sheffield and Birmingham ?
Depends on who is organising the tour. The reasons for which Morrissey's tour venues are chosen will be influenced by availability, logistics, size, cost, preference for smaller venues, equipment available, previous experience at venue, etc...

Some management organisations have close business ties with venue management . Some venues owned by O2 might not be named as "O2".
A friend enquired about getting a gig at an O2 venue, and was told they book artists from particular artist management companies. This might have been a fob off, but there are ties between artist management, venue ownership and ticket selling.

See for further info


On proposed Ticketmaster/Livenation merger


Also information on AMG group


Morrissey tickets sold through SJM Concerts Ltd, and his Management by Irving Azoff, chairman and founder of Azoff Music Management Group, Inc. In 2008, Azoff became Chairman and CEO of Ticketmaster Entertainment.
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