Morrissey: vain or glorious? books podcast -

Morrissey: vain or glorious? – books podcast -
John Crace digests Morrissey's Autobiography down to just 600 words, while Will Woodward and Caspar Llewellyn Smith wonder if the one-time Smiths frontman is as cool as he thinks he is

Presented by Claire Armitstead and produced by Tim Maby

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John Crace's satirical Digested read columns have become a Guardian institution, reducing the most newsworthy books of the year to an essential 600 words.

Here, he takes on Morrissey, whose hotly anticipated Autobiography was published as a Penguin Classic this autumn and has gone on to become one of the publishing successes of the year.

Longtime fan Will Woodward and Guardian culture editor Caspar Llewellyn Smith discuss whether Morrissey's prose is a deathless as his music, and wonder just what sort of phenomenon he has become.
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