Morrissey (unseen) passport photos - included in microphone auction by former tour manager Phil Griggs

Morrissey's stage microphone was recently auctioned and included never before seen passport photos.


A Shure brand Beta 58A microphone that was stage-used by Morrissey between 2000 and 2005. The microphone is housed in its original Shure microphone case which has a label attached with the word "MOZ" written on it. The microphone was previously owned by Phil Griggs, Morrisey's tour manager and sound engineer. Also included is a passport folder with three passport sized color photos of Morrissey.



Link here.

Re: passport photos:
OP: "I upscaled them with AI."
Estimate: $1,000 - $2,000
Hammer: $3,840

And 'shopped most certainly.

That type of 'provenance' is iffy - those images wouldn't get approved for passport use and they certainly aren't photobooth images... 🤔
that's unsettling. how comes no one ever says anything about moz's hairline, is what id like to know. it dips up even more than konstantin kisins!!
But it’s not the altering of the size that’s in question.

It is about the size though, the large image is the small passport photo blown up. Usually it would look all pixelated, but the program like Remini predicts and fills in the pixels of what the face might look like, that's why it looks all smooth and weird, yet sharp.
Yes, just zooming into the smaller photos does look more like him. But the error of brown eyes and it being passport photos still doesn’t make sense.
So what you’re saying is, that the app automatically distorts the original image? And that can’t be controlled by the user?

Remini is a phone app that anyone can download, you get maybe 1 or 2 choices (with free app) that's about it. It is the source of many of the weirdly sharp old time images and the hair usually looks wrong.
The first auction has a (possibly) redacted letter - so a bit of provenance, but there's a whole other world of oddities attributed to Morrissey - all of which probably require a bucket of salt and zero money shelled out.

Similar item:

With black sharpie candid as proof of silver pen signature:


Same place flogging:

With 'proof':

Which coincidentally, Morrissey then rewrote on a guitar (🙄).

Here's some 'proof' for that:

All of the above are the tip of the iceberg in relation to possibly questionable items.
Caveat emptor.

Not everything is as obviously fake as forged Morrissey letters/Adidas jackets, but some of these items look like they were copied from one actual real item and then reproduced occasionally (the tambourine was sold, but there's still one in stock 🤔).
I'm happy to be wrong, but if the item is extremely expensive, just keep it in the back of your mind to check everything thoroughly. Especially if proof is a photograph of Morrissey with a pen and no item...

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