Morrissey: Un dandy de camisa abierta - interview in Clarí

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By NealCassidy on Dec 2, 2018 at 10:57 PM
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    Morrissey: Un dandy de camisa abierta - Clarí (Argentina)

    Translation to English:

    You usually compose with others (just as you did during The Smith): how do these creative couples work?

    -I do not consider myself a "musician" in a strict sense, so I like the idea of adding to the music with which my collaborator has been working. The vocal melody usually changes the musical direction of the song, that's true. But it's fine and I also know my place in the collaboration.

    -If there are cases in which you only write the lyrics, is it the one that comes first or only arises after the melody?

    -The lyrics are always in advance, but the "patch" to the music. It is a craft and at the same time requires effort. It's not easy, but I enjoy it. Because, as I once said, the lyrics should be written as if everyone was listening to you ... although that probably does not happen! Most modern composers joke about how well they spend writing the lyrics but do not make any intellectual effort thinking about the audience, the listeners.

    - Of all the producers and collaborators with whom he worked (Stephen Street, Mark Nevin, Alain Whyte, Boz Boorer, Jesse Tobias), which one did you feel most comfortable with?

    -It is an unfair question because each of them has their good things and their individual methods.

    -It's his autobiography you mention how insistently Bowie was looking for him to do something together. What are your favorite records of {el?

    -I would say that The Man Who Sold The World, Diamond Dogs and of course The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars. I think, by then, no one else could have got away with it as he did. And none more was close to what he achieved! I like artists who have an audacious awareness of everything they do. Today with most modern groups, it does not even matter if they are good or not: they usually jump to the nro. 1 of the charts and ready.

    -I would like to ask you about your musical tastes. For example The Kinks in whom I see a kind of elegance and sophistication avant la lettre for The Smiths.

    -The Kinks in the 60s were a perfect triumph ... absolutely original ... a wit and occurrence that no other group even tried and definitely memorable. I loved each of his singles but his success was so instantly accepted that no one took the trouble to analyze them. If someone wrote a song like Waterloo sunset today they would give him 42 Grammy awards.

    -Nuevamente in his biography, you have writes very unique analogies, as when he says "The Stooges, Lou Reed and Patti Smith are our new Goethe, Gide and Gertrude Stein." I wonder then what essay writing interests you.

    -The classics, obviously ... and with classics I mean what almost everyone agrees. As for example, in the 60s, the classic period of pop were The Beatles, Stones, The Who, The Supremes, The Four Tops, Bacharach-David, Phil Spector ... and so on. And with respect to modern speakers, I love listening to Germaine Greer, Anne Marie Waters and reading Christopher Hitchens. They always give me the answers I hope to find.

    -Is it your idea that your memoirs be published in the "Penguin Classics" collection, a collection that Penguin only reserves for the canon of deceased writers?

    -DO NOT! Of course not! Someone in the press invented that story to make me look like an insufferable person. But I'm used to it ...

    -Finally I would like to ask you about the biopic about your life, England is mine.

    -I never saw her and I was never consulted by her. They did not approach me or my family, so I have a hard time understanding how the filmmakers could understand what they were doing. Whereupon I ask myself: is it really about me?
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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by NealCassidy, Dec 2, 2018.

    1. Nikita
      Pretty surprised he prefers Diamon Dogs to Hunky Dory or Aladdin Sane.
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    2. The Wild Turkey
      The Wild Turkey
      "the lyrics should be written as if everyone was listening to you ... although that probably does not happen!"

      The Wild Turkey community is listenin' Moz.
      Ya effort has been extra effective.
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    3. Anonymous
      I don't know and I don't care if Jesse is non white/ white/ red /non green or transparent but he is certainly the worst guitar player he has worked with ! ( I can't rate Nevin who didn't tour with Morrissey)
    4. reelfountain
      In the UK if you express opinions that jar against the ruling establishment and threaten their stranglehold, you will be slaughtered in the press and called all the usual names ending in -ist and -phobic.

      They do this to make you an 'evil entity' in the eyes of people who do not think for themselves (which unfortunately is most people). Hence so many being wary at the very mention of people like Anne Marie Waters when they know virtually nothing about her.

      Her only crime is being a feminist and hating the misogyny and violence of Islam. She also wants to reduce the high levels of immigration still pouring into Britain. To the ruling establishment working hand in hand with big business (and cheered by the middle class liberal left), this is a no-no.
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    5. Johnsonb
    6. Ketamine Sun
      Ketamine Sun
      I did. And I never heard him say ‘Diamond Dogs’ or ‘Man who sold’ as his favorites, especially ‘Diamond Dogs’ was a bit of a surprise, it’s one of my favorites, and actually I
      think Ziggy is a little overrated, though it has some really great songs on it.
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    7. Ketamine Sun
      Ketamine Sun
      Well he did cover ‘Drive in Saturday’ so maybe as a whole album ‘ Aladdin Sane’ might not work for him. Don’t know his reasons for not liking Hunky Dory, it’s not as heavy as the others maybe. Though ‘1984’ is a song on Diamond Dogs, and he was seen with a bag
      printed with the title 1984 by Orwell, so maybe
      this is what’s been on his mind lately.

      I’d love to hear Morrissey’s next album of original songs be inspired and sound like Diamond Dogs ... all dirty sad and weird.

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    8. Thewlis
      Rebel Rebel is one of the intro-video’s on this Tour, too.
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    9. Anonymous
      She also wants to protect the very wealthiest in society by abolishing inheritance tax - the people who run 'big business' would absolutely love that policy.
      Her politics are not really super-sinister just a little bit grubby, greedy and very clearly right wing.
      Anyone remember a song that went, 'There are some bad people on the right'?
    10. Anonymous
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    11. Anonymous
      This is a dicks argument Because yes if you say things of truth that go against established norms then you can get called names . The trouble is you can also get called names for just talking shit.

      Hitchens was brilliant at one point. By the end he was a paid for neo con, zionist anti muslim haitng bore who had nothing to say

      GG was a brilliant thinker but now she is just a dotty media whore who has nothing to say. This is a person who went on Big Brother ffs.
      As for Britian First Lady she has nothing to say either , a angry paddy lesbo and no more if you go to any of her talks it's mainly all about anti muslimisn Just like her mate no neck Tommeh the thicko, she is a hired gun, paid for by Israel. The only people taken in by Tommeh and Marie are knuckle draggers like Reel around the bellend

      So you can see the trend, morrissey looks for answers in the wrong places these days. It used to be wilde now its dead heads. It's no wonder his career is where it is
    12. reelfountain
      People can say what they like about inheritance tax or any other tax - they wont get vilified for it. But speak about Islam and immigration and the media/ruling establishment will recast you as public enemy number one. That's my point.

      Waters considers herself left wing - one of the many who are sick of the liberal left who make noises about social values while actually believing in very right-wing big business economic policies i.e ones that keep them rich and holding the best jobs/ruling the arts, media etc.

      Many on the left are slowly realising that the liberal left's current obsession with identity politics, open borders and their abandonment of the working class is actually damaging to leftism in general - basically turning it into a laughing stock. Read this:
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    13. Anonymous
      Guffaw, guffaw - 'opprobrium' - everybody's clever nowadays!
    14. beno the hipo
      beno the hipo
      if you want to be picky or if you have converted LOL:lbf:


      "The majority of traditional hadith sources state that Aisha was married to Muhammad at the age of six or seven, but she stayed in her parents' home until the age of nine, or ten according to Ibn Hisham, when the marriage was consummatedwith Muhammad, then 53, in Medina"
    15. reelfountain
      Actually I'm not 'taken in' by either of them. I agree that both Tommy Robinson and Anne Marie Waters are funded by Jewish interests who want to demonise Islam to strengthen the cause of Israel.

      But it's still hard not to admire their balls. Especially Robinson. History is full of stubborn people who personally suffer for their beliefs, and it's quite heroic.

      If you're starting a movement you need funding. And it's a case of: am I with the Muslims or the Jews? Am I with Pakistani immigrants whose practices I abhor, or am I with the group that stealthily runs everything anyway? And what shadowy groups/think tanks/'institutes' have all the money to throw at such causes? The Zionists every time.

      Me personally, I would never vote for anyone. But at the same time I don't go around calling people names for their beliefs like the media and so many of it's followers do.

      As for Greer, she's a second-wave feminist from the 60s, the kind that Moz has always admired, so there's really no surprise there. He was name checking her in 1984.
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    16. Anonymous
      Very wise words and we learn more from people that disagree with us than we learn from someone that agrees with us. Sadly in these times people just want to have everything they believe confirmed and a tap on the back and I am looking at you the snowflake generation.
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    17. Morrissey_Sucks
      What the what? Yawn. Boring “interview”? Even the remaining moz fan must agree. Good grief.
    18. Pablo Honey
      Pablo Honey
      What are you doing with your life?
    19. MiserableLie95
      Finally some positive words from him about Bowie again. At least there's that.
    20. Anonymous
      Un Chateau Pommes Frites
      Conplicated name for being gay
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