Morrissey: Un dandy de camisa abierta - interview in Clarí

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    Morrissey: Un dandy de camisa abierta - Clarí (Argentina)

    Translation to English:

    You usually compose with others (just as you did during The Smith): how do these creative couples work?

    -I do not consider myself a "musician" in a strict sense, so I like the idea of adding to the music with which my collaborator has been working. The vocal melody usually changes the musical direction of the song, that's true. But it's fine and I also know my place in the collaboration.

    -If there are cases in which you only write the lyrics, is it the one that comes first or only arises after the melody?

    -The lyrics are always in advance, but the "patch" to the music. It is a craft and at the same time requires effort. It's not easy, but I enjoy it. Because, as I once said, the lyrics should be written as if everyone was listening to you ... although that probably does not happen! Most modern composers joke about how well they spend writing the lyrics but do not make any intellectual effort thinking about the audience, the listeners.

    - Of all the producers and collaborators with whom he worked (Stephen Street, Mark Nevin, Alain Whyte, Boz Boorer, Jesse Tobias), which one did you feel most comfortable with?

    -It is an unfair question because each of them has their good things and their individual methods.

    -It's his autobiography you mention how insistently Bowie was looking for him to do something together. What are your favorite records of {el?

    -I would say that The Man Who Sold The World, Diamond Dogs and of course The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars. I think, by then, no one else could have got away with it as he did. And none more was close to what he achieved! I like artists who have an audacious awareness of everything they do. Today with most modern groups, it does not even matter if they are good or not: they usually jump to the nro. 1 of the charts and ready.

    -I would like to ask you about your musical tastes. For example The Kinks in whom I see a kind of elegance and sophistication avant la lettre for The Smiths.

    -The Kinks in the 60s were a perfect triumph ... absolutely original ... a wit and occurrence that no other group even tried and definitely memorable. I loved each of his singles but his success was so instantly accepted that no one took the trouble to analyze them. If someone wrote a song like Waterloo sunset today they would give him 42 Grammy awards.

    -Nuevamente in his biography, you have writes very unique analogies, as when he says "The Stooges, Lou Reed and Patti Smith are our new Goethe, Gide and Gertrude Stein." I wonder then what essay writing interests you.

    -The classics, obviously ... and with classics I mean what almost everyone agrees. As for example, in the 60s, the classic period of pop were The Beatles, Stones, The Who, The Supremes, The Four Tops, Bacharach-David, Phil Spector ... and so on. And with respect to modern speakers, I love listening to Germaine Greer, Anne Marie Waters and reading Christopher Hitchens. They always give me the answers I hope to find.

    -Is it your idea that your memoirs be published in the "Penguin Classics" collection, a collection that Penguin only reserves for the canon of deceased writers?

    -DO NOT! Of course not! Someone in the press invented that story to make me look like an insufferable person. But I'm used to it ...

    -Finally I would like to ask you about the biopic about your life, England is mine.

    -I never saw her and I was never consulted by her. They did not approach me or my family, so I have a hard time understanding how the filmmakers could understand what they were doing. Whereupon I ask myself: is it really about me?
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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by NealCassidy, Dec 2, 2018.

    1. bored
      What stances does she take that are offensive besides being anti-Islam? I honestly do not know. If it wasn't for Morrissey I'd have never heard of her. She doesn't register in the United States.
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    2. Halloway
      When he says he likes listening to Anne Marie Waters, I can assure you that she ain't reading to him from "Wind in the friggin' Willows."
    3. SuedeMoz
      Yeah, I did miss that one....
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    4. Anonymous
      You´re a despicable bore and a fascist.
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    5. Halloway
      I don't know. I'm familiar with her anti-Islam hatred but I've not seen anything else that she may have said or written. tbh, were it not for the fact that Morrissey talks her up every now and then, I'd imagine that very few people in the UK would be interested in her Islamophobic twitterings.
    6. Anonymous
      She heads up a political party called For Britain.
      I think their manifesto is here so presumably she approves of all that's there.
      It's clearly right wing but probably not 'far right' although such distinctions are never particularly clear.
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    7. Anonymous
      Of course hitch was a very talented writer and thinker who then got paid off in later life, was pro the illigal war and a zionist basically an idiot Muslim hating prick. So yes I expect he does. GG lost the plot years ago and the Britain first Lady is stupid This explains alot
      Christopher got schooled by George Galloway. Watch it on you tube
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    8. bored
      Her anti-Islamic statements seem to be the crux of why people are against her.

      As an atheist, I am against all non-secular attempts to create law. The fact that there are people in England who believe Sharia Law should be in place would bother me greatly if I lived there. I am also quite bothered by Christians in the US who use the bible as a source for what the laws should be.

      I do know that an EU court said calling Mohammed a pedophile is not within freedom of speech. I find that to be a horrible ruling. This statement is based on the Quran which says he married a 6 year old and had sex with her when she was 9. I think that fits the generally accepted definition of a pedophile. I think the EU has a very large misunderstanding of what freedom of speech is or is being overly politically correct in protecting Islam. Perhaps they are protecting it to prevent violence between Muslim and anti-Muslim factions of society. Perhaps some other reason exists that I don't understand.

      Ultimately I think to say Morrissey is a horrible person because he supports Anne Marie Waters is an argument that needs to be more substantiated than "She is an Islamophobe!"

      I'm looking to better understand specific things she has said or done that make her such an evil entity to support.
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    9. E Scott
      E Scott
      She was heard on tape on an ITV program saying she wanted to curb Muslims having children.
    10. Halloway
      No, that 'statement' comes from the hadith, not the Qur'an and as such is open to question as marrying such a young girl would be counter to prevailing standards which insisted that a woman must have reached puberty before she married.
    11. Halloway
      She sounds like a right charmer.
    12. countthree
      I think a woman must have reached true freedom before marriage, not only a certain age. But that would mean the abolition of the institution, a different world, a different society, because right now it's very hard for most women to be truly free.
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    13. countthree
      It's in the article.
    14. Anonymous
      No "musician" ever became a great one so thank fook for Moz not claiming to be one. That is what musicians always miss out on, being that extra something that is hard to categorise as they stare at their notes being all soulless.
      The best music always came from people who were self learned and never attended any music school. This is why I hate people who pick up a guitar and play something useless.
      Scissors come in handy!
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    15. beno the hipo
      beno the hipo
      Hadith is divine law in Islam, dont be simple minded FFS dont be a Skinny clone.
    16. Halloway
      Hadith sharif if you want to be picky.
    17. bored
      Sorry, I have heard that as coming from the Quran. Either way, even if she had reached puberty at age of nine, which apparently the Quran says is what makes someone an adult, I object to any 53 year old having sex with any 9 year old regardless of who or when it happened.

      As far as saying she wanted to curb Muslims having children I don't support that. I also don't support fundamentalist Christians being limited on having children. The difference is because the majority of Muslims happen to be of darker skin while the majority of fundamentalist Christians tend to have lighter skin which makes only one of those statements "racist".

      Personally, I'd be just fine if all people who wish to make laws based on some holy book stopped having children.
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    18. beno the hipo
      beno the hipo
      LOL North and South America are a backwater unable to access Moz interviews.
      that in itself is racist:straightface:
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    19. Thewlis
      Very nice words on Bowie, strange no one has picked up on that yet.
      Yes, Diamond Dogs is a stellar album, much underrated!
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    20. Ketamine Sun
      Ketamine Sun
      ‘ reading to him from Wind in the willows ‘ !? :fearscream:

      Now that’s where I draw the line.
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