Morrissey / UK Minister For Loneliness jokes on Colbert and Fallon

Has anyone seen this from Stephen Colbert ?
The UK Has a Minister of Loneliness

Famous when dead also posted earlier (original post):

Morrissey makes it in to a Tonight Show Monologue (18th of Jan).
Jimmy discusses the UK 'Minister of Loneliness'.
At about the 2min 50s mark:
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Brain damaged US 'humour' strikes again. Sorry I meant humor. Those jackasses in the audience should be vacuum packed.
Is he always this dull? Wow. Are audiences supplied with drugs in the USA or what?
The audience is so thick the presenter/comedian says everything at least twice or three times. It wasn't funny once. Empty vessels make the most noise.
I see Morrissey's online bodyguards are still wounded by Colbert being more witty, and interesting than Morrissey during their previous interview.

I just want you to know that it gets better.

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