Morrissey turns 65 - May 22, 2024

Happy Birthday, Morrissey!!!! I hope you have a lovely day today! Every day! Cheers to another year survived on this unhappy planet! I'm working on a little drawing for you! It's all I can do to show you my love, admiration, and appreciation for you; for all the wonderful music you've created over the years, with me stumbling upon it only about a year ago. I've never been so fascinated by another human as much as I have with you! I wish you the best. I hope you smile today. :) Cheers to YOU!! ✌🏻🎶💕💋
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---Love, Ashley
A doodle for you, as promised! Hugs and twinning in flares! I also wore my Morrissey shirt today! CHEERS!! 🥂
And also, of course, the 7th anniversary of the actual bonfire of teenagers. I hope all those families are doing OK today. The mother of one of the victims, Martyn Hett, was at Downing Street today [nothing else going on there today, right?] to hand over a letter calling for new terror laws.
Happy Birthday Moz. I will always love you! You'll always be my Mozuchisss. I wish you always the best, full health, love, inspiration, tolerance and wisdom​

Here he comes
The night is like a glove
And he's floating like a dove
With his deep blue eyes
In the deep blue sky

Here he comes
The boy who tried to vanish
To the future or past
Is no longer alone

Among the dragonflies
Happy Birthday Morrissey! Hope it's been a really nice and happy one so far. I'm SO thankful that you're still here, SO thankful that you're still YOU, and SO thankful that you're still ready! Yay!!! Hope everything wonderful comes your way all year! XOXOXO
I'm sure he's pleased to know he can now get a free cup of coffee at all participating McDonald's in the states. Happy Birthday Mozzer!
Happy Birthday Morrissey - I hope it was a good one.

I was thinking of you (and listening to your music), as I do nearly every day.

I know you would question me on why it's not every day, but life's demands and all that...
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