Morrissey turns 63 - May 22, 2022

How beautiful everyone in the Solo greeting Moz on his birthday, it's pure love and recognition and gratitude for having Morrissey alive, that's why we ask Moz to take great care of himself. While others went to another dimension for not knowing how to manage their lives and being carried away by harmful vices, we greet and will continue to greet Moz every year. Of all the singers of this planet Moz is the most important because in it many qualities are combined something very difficult to find😍😍.
In that unlikeliest of possibilities that you shall ever see this, I am yet another of those of whom you touch and who cares for you and prays for you.

May God help you find your way, with all you carry, in this fallen, terrible world . . .
Happy birthday, Morrissey! Please know that you are loved by more people than you can ever know. Thank you for your beautiful words that have saved the lives of so many of us. I can't wait to see you in Las Vegas. Respect, love, and kisses from one of your fans in Moz Angeles, USA.

What does that answer Ket mean!??? what is moz doing:unsure:
All my love to Mike Joyce, my favorite. I like the beat.
This is the page dedicated to a teacher named Morrissey. Mentioning a mediocre is of mediocre. The Universe takes care of Morrissey's enemies, , nothing needs to be done,.. the Universe gives everything back...... Moz is a great Master! Long live Morrissey, period.💪:ROFLMAO:
Same image as above from Alain:



(full images @ her FB acc - link doesn't embed).
Merry happy birthday Morrissey. I wish you a long life or as long as you want. You make me happy. Now I want to see more bday celebration pics.
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