Morrissey turns 63 - May 22, 2022

And when you're dancing and laughing,
And finally living
Hear my voice in your head and
Think of me kindly ❤️
Dear Mozzy,

Words have never been able to express how much love and how much happiness I’ve always wished your way. Happy Birthday, bunny. Today I’m sending you all my best and warmest wishes tenfold. You’re amazing. Will crack open the bottle of champagne in my fridge for you this afternoon, and will share with you a toast. Maybe even a little trip down memory lane. Enjoy your day. Hope it’s filled with laughs and with people you care about. Buy yourself something nice. Miss you, kiss you. Love you just as much as all the other days. Only all good things ahead ❤️

Thinking of you lots, warm hugs and dancing and laughing and singing. You’re an entire galaxy full of stars. Happy Birthday 🎂🎈 ❤️❤️❤️

Happy happy birthday, Morrissey!!!! 🍾🍾I hope it is a peaceful day and I wish you a special year!! I highly anticipate the new album, and hope it’s release is a joy and triumph for you. I hope I am able to see you live soon, your concerts have been some of my most special moments of pure joy, and I haven’t seen you since 2019 (too long). Your music have given me more than I could ever express in words, as always: Thank you and God bless 💕
HAPPY BIRTHDAY MORRISSEY…..From Maggy, Molly, Zack, David and Rocky Rags…Park Blvd. San Diego MOZ crew
Happy Birthday, to the last of the pop contrarians. All shills and bitches for the world of woke corporations from here on out.
Happy Birthday, Morrissey! 🎇 Hope you are having a great day with people who love you 💙🤍 Thank you for being a musical inspiration! 🌟
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Thank you Morrissey for a accompanying me through the turns and tribulations of life. Meandering and pausing, you've added a cherished backdrop to countless moments in my humble life. You're cherished for the clever turn of phrase as much as your steadfast unwavering beliefs. Thankful. Happiest of birthdays. May you have countless more.
Happy birthday Moz. Of course every birthday should also be a celebration of the parents who co-created us. I hope Moz is happy and treats himself to something nice.
Loved who I was lead to believe Morrissey was. Appalled to discover the vile truth.

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Happy Birthday Morrissey , now you're older then America 🥳
Take care and stay alive !
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