Morrissey turns 63 - May 22, 2022

M still fighting fit at 63,good on you.
Look! It's not only terrorist attacks that happen on your birthday! Today is International Day for Biological Diversity.

You can of course focus on death and destruction, but personally I would see that as an encouragement to buy land to share it with lots of other living things (and not just the ones who are just like you.)

Best wishes to put that Vegas money to good use.

(See? I didn't even ask if your Cruel Festival was plastic free, or anything contentious and annoyibg like that.:babyangel:)
Like the last trapped humpback whale, never giving in, never giving in....
Happy 63rd birthday Moz!
no birthday wishes from skinny yet,you just know he is absolutely raging with these birthday wishes.
Always my brightest star in the sky
And beyond.

Thank you for so many memories
And more.

Happy Birthday Morrissey x
Happy birthday Morrissey.

In a move that goes against the usual custom of receiving gifts on birthdays, I really hope you gift us with some actual information on what is happening with the single / album.


long suffering fan…..
Like Veronica, the bringer of Truth you are not afraid to speak yours, no matter how programmed people are to react. Thank you Morrissey and a very Happy Birthday.:flowers:
Listening to the Boxers ep right now with a glass of sparkling wine.
Whatever happen, I love you Mozza.
My warmest wishes.
From one 63 year old to another have a very happy birthday , love you forever.
Happy Birthday Morrissey
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