Morrissey turns 63 - May 22, 2022

Happy Birthday Morrissey!
Wishing you the very best of the best on your birthday and great big tsunamis of happiness all year. I hope you don't mind that I love you to bits...You're in my pocket forever! XOXOXO
happy birthday, sexy beast
Q: When and where were you happiest?

A: 21st of May, 1959.



Happy, happy birthday Morrissey! I hope you have a really wonderful day. You`ve made my life better with your beautiful songs and I will always, always love you. I wish you only the best and thank you for your beautiful music.
Dear Morrissey,

Today, we celebrate your life.

A life involved in and with music: your greatest passion.

A passion that has given birth to so many beautiful and truthful emotions turned to music.

A music that is so meaningful to so many around the world.

So, from this part of the world, which is Brazil, I send you my love and best wishes for a happy and lovely birthday.

Morrissey my Pichulffo happy birthday,!!!,I am super proud to be your fan, and every day I admire you more because every day you are crazier. I ask you to take care of yourself because you are worth much more than you imagine. Within you in your soul are all the infinite possibilities for you to select them and make them a reality. You're singing and acting super well, but the recorders don't care, because they're in absolute musical mediocrity. Ah!! and something else: Moz vos sos luz !!!!Ah pd:Loved seeing you at the shows!! Now you are very cute Moz eh!!! ... It seems to me that you are listening more to your fans because the costumes were impeccable in the recitals, and you almost did not carry crosses. He remains unstoppable!!! Do not stop keep shining, always think positive remain attentive to the present, your enemies are taken care of by the Universe😘:flores::microphone:💪🍾🥳
Dear Top Belle Morrissey,

i am pressing you hard on your birthday!

Best of health, luck and love.

Morrissey: Fan of Moz from Brazil and Lujissey from Argentina, we are the fans of South America, who love you the most and our hearts are with you no matter what happens, always, wishing you to be in good health, to have inner peace, (which is the most important thing), so that you continue to expand all your unattainable talent. Inexplicable without equal... Oh, and one more thing: you are special, you are unique and you are important, I love you very much❤️‍🔥
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