Morrissey turns 62 - May 22, 2021



Uhh already seemed to me there could not be so much peace... can't you leave Moz alone? He got confused when he talked about the NHS, but then he didn't talk anymore because in my opinion he understood it, he was very bad and angry, but then he didn't say anything else, it might seem crazy, but I explained to him medically what might have happened to the evolution of his mother's clinical picture, and I think Moz comes and reads on this site and he understood it some medical friend must have explained to him as I did. , please leave it!!!!!!

Carol in Wrexham

Belated birthday greetings Steven, I hope You had a wonderful day . Very best wishes:rose::smilecat:

Ketamine Sun

Uh, defend Surface from what?

He mentioned that three years ago the crowd at a Morrissey show was lackluster and you've been hung up on it for 48 hours. I assure you that you don't have to take it personally.

No hang ups here. Lol. Just let him reply for himself you don’t need to answer for him.

Anyway, I guess in our different ways we’re both trying to help out the poor guy.


No, I had no interest in them at all, in the late 70's I saw Status Quo, The Ramones and Buzzcocks (with Joy Division as support) at The Apollo
Did or do you like Michael Jackson as a solo artist or Janet Jackson or any of the Jackson family?

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