Morrissey turns 58 - May 22, 2017; "There Is A Light..." tribute by Irene Diaz

Morrissey turns 58 on May 22, 2017

From Cosmica:

Irene Diaz is Los Angeles' modern day Torch Singer Songwriter. Within a short amount of time Irene has gained national acclaim. NPR's Don Gonyea says "anyone who hears your voice will wonder where you have been all this time". This version of "There is a light that never goes out" is a tribute to Morrissey on his Birthday.

Info on Irene:

From Irene:

The Smiths and Morrissey are artists that my older brother would listen to while we were growing up and I always looked up to my brother and his taste in music. I don't normally cover other artists, but being able to take a song like this one and make it my own was a lot of fun. I hope my take on ‘There Is A Light That Never Goes Out’ does the song justice.

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Morrissey's birthday -
22 May 2017

Morrissey is 58 today. Happy Birthday, Morrissey!
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I usually have no time for Moz/smiths covers at all but this has a groove to it that I like and it works. If you're going to cover Morrissey then try something new with it. I'm just glad it wasn't another cafe hipster whisper haunted little girl cover.

I agree with you marred. That's why I said not bad and appreciate a different take on the song in stead of merely creating a replica.

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Stockholm is going to be very crowded on Monday when Moz turns 58.

First of all the swedish ice hockey world champions parade the trophy in central Stockholm followed by the annual celebration of Moz's birthday at Babs Bar:

And in the evening the big hate game of football between Stockholm based sides Djurgården and AIK takes place.

I want to move to Sweden. Just seems like a higher caliber of people there. You should see the people that live near me. Disgusting.

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Happy Birthday, Morrissey. Thanks for keeping me around. Can't wait for what's next!

Most of my love,
Bigmouth On Sweetzer
Late April, 2002

El Paso Moz fans

Dearest Morrissey,

Happy 58th from your loyal fans in our (river)side town of El Paso, Texas. Many of our friends from "south of the border" joined us to celebrate your birthday weekend last Friday. Of course, we couldn't help but discuss the elephant in the room- Trump's promised, useless wall that will separate our sister cities of El Paso and Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. At least we took comfort in knowing you're on our side in the resistance.

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Happy 76th birthday to the bitter old Northern broad who sings the songs that make me smile.


Happy Birthday Morrissey, you have made me a different person, and I would imagine many others too, Viva Moz!!:clap:


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Wow. The first Morrissey/Smiths cover that I've ever enjoyed (posted here on solo). Too many people churn out terrible karaoke covers merely because they can memorize lyrics, own garage band and know how to upload their crap onto YouTube. Take a cue from the man himself: if you're going to cover something, own it.

Well done, ma'am & co.

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