Morrissey turns 56 - May 22, 2015

An anonymous person writes:

Happy Birthday Moz :D Sorry, just realized right now that in Sydney it's the 22nd already.

UPDATE May 22:

Link posted by Morran:

Morrissey's birthday -
22 May 2015

Morrissey's birthday

Morrissey is 56 today. Happy Birthday, Morrissey!
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Happy Birthday Morrissey!

When all is said and done it's you I love.


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Unhappy Birthday Mozzer! Although I found you later in life, you still changed my life. Thank you. See you in Chicago and St. Paul!:tiphat:

alcoholic afternoons

Happy Birthday! Thank you for being there for me. I love you. :guitar:


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I came down to wish you an unhappy birthday!

You are a complex, difficult man. You divide your fans. You speak your mind no matter what, and no matter
how much you are slagged and shat on, you continue to speak your mind. And while I may not agree with
some of your opinions, that is of no matter. Adults don't have to agree with adults. I still utterly respect your
tenacity and your sheer will.

You sir, changed my life when I saw the video for "The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get". And then years
later, when I discovered you were in The Smiths, you changed my life again. f***, how do you do this?!

You are not perfect. But we f***ing love you! f***ING. LOVE. YOU. Your complexity makes you human.
I hope you read this and smile. I know you hate this place, and while some of us disagree with you on some things,
that doesn't mean your music doesn't lift us to the high heavens. Your music makes me HAPPY. It makes me want to DANCE and SING.

(And I do...ohhhhhh, I certainly do!)

You miserable sod! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

I hope you're in LA enjoying the sun on your face amongst the gritty decay of such a glorious city.
(I love LA too).

P.S. How could I forget?! My 18-month old son...since he was born...when he is in an absolute
fit of rage, or pain from teething, screaming, wailing, arching his back, you know
what calms him down? EVERY SINGLE TIME? "My Life Is A Succession Of People Saying Goodbye"!!!!


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Olive branch from Johnny?


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Happy birthday Morrissey.



"Jesse's post was very sweet. He clearly adores morrissey."

I concur


Cheesy birthday to you
Cheesy birthday to you
Cheesy birthday Steven CrankFraud
Cheesy birthday to you

Three cheese for Silly Steven



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Happy Birthday Morrissey :)


Nobody ever looks at me twice
That's not Johnny himself, that's a fan group.

Jesse's post was very sweet. He clearly adores morrissey.
I thought it was Johnny's site but RUN by fans if that makes sense......



Happy Birthday Cheese-Fed-Steven
From your old friend looking down on you ! Yes it's me, and I can see everything from up here. I knew you were a devious crank the day I set eyes on you. Let it be known Johnny, Mike and Andy are praying you die sometime soon so they can cash in on you, and why not fair play to them I say.
Anyway I have to go now God has asked me to organise a music festival of legends.
I shall return to haunt you and Damon when your sleeping in your not meat friendly 8* hotels whilst living on planet earth conning your congregation.
(A Christmas Carol is nothing compared to what I have planned for you Birthday Boy !)
The three wise men on planet earth have got your card marked !

Must dash now !



Your last three albums have been unalloyed shite. You've become an arsehole in innumerable ways.

Kill yourself.


Hello everyone !


What kind of person is happy to perform in front of the British Conservative Prime Minister, David Cameron yet sets his heavies and removes David T from a performance ?

Anybody like to answer that one ? (Good luck)


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