Morrissey turns 56 - May 22, 2015

An anonymous person writes:

Happy Birthday Moz :D Sorry, just realized right now that in Sydney it's the 22nd already.

UPDATE May 22:

Link posted by Morran:

Morrissey's birthday -
22 May 2015

Morrissey's birthday

Morrissey is 56 today. Happy Birthday, Morrissey!
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Happy birthday Morrissey! I love you.
Thank you for changing my life and Im so happy im the first here to say it!
Lots of Love from Orange County, California!
Your biggest fan.


There is truly no words to express how much i love you Morrissey but ill do my best. There is a god because there is something as perfect as you my love. Although loving you comes with alot of pain, because of how unrequierd it is, i would not change it or leave you for the world, even though there have been moments when i want to turn my back on it all, when the pain gets too strong. You have been so close yet so far away ever since you entered my life.

I hope we will meet again my love. I hope you see me if we should ever pass. I will die :tears:

I will die.........
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We will once again celebrate your birthday with a fiesta at downtown El Paso's Bowie Feathers (above Tricky Falls) starting at 8:00 Friday night


HAPPY BIRTHDAY...LORD MUDSLIDE... You're truly an inspiration..& have been a major influence on my & Many..many lives... Your tunes echo..& are always in my conscious...& subconscious minds.... Long may you carry on giving your true fans many more years of terrific music... I want you...I need you..& I love you.


Morrissey Lover
Happy,Happy Birthday Morrissey. You and your music mean the world to me. I truly hope that you have a wonderful day.Thank you for everything.I love you more than life.




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Happy Birthday, Morrissey! 56 is EF in Gematria. Eff it! :D

Also EF is FE is Fe is Iron is Noir...your favorite kind of film.

For your birthday I will stfu about symbolic stuff. :p


Moz, you are one of the wonders of the world! Enjoy all you have and whatever more you may be blessed to get. You truely are a life changer and I thank you. Merry birthday!

Respect from San Diego

-Little Bastard


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Happy Birthday Morrissey, have a wonderfull day in Sidney

best wishes from the Netherlands

'and they say he's mentall'... tried to call someone in OZ, to get a copy signed, sadly she's a doc in a nowhere town, so no time, or private plain...:(


Always crashing in the same car
Happy birthday Moz!

To the record store clerk who pressed Viva Hate into my palm all of those years ago, I don't know whether to hug you or spit in your eye. (Wherever you are, I thank you.)

All the best to you, Morrissey. You continue to be my favorite contradiction to this day.


Happy Birthday King Moz. The greatest living English/Irishman. You changed my life.


As the seventeen year old listening to you in my Salford bedroom to the forty six year old watching you at the O2 and Leeds I worship you just the same. Thank you Morrissey and happy birthday .

Famous when dead

From first seeing you in Gloucester '84 and being anointed... and many, many gigs between - up until Birmingham this year and seeing you give the audience a similar sound thrashing - you remain as important as you always have. I've had many musical adventures throughout my life, but the best ones always involve you (stalking you and meeting you in Bath was purely intentional!).
Have a great day of birth.
My kindest, warmest regards,


Happy birthday - thank you for meeting me and signing your book for me on your birthday haha

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