Morrissey turns 55 - May 22, 2014

happy birthday Morrissey

have a wonderfull day, from the netherlands

and they say he's mentall' ... euro election day....

ps also wonder why Morrissey's said goodbye to Alain, Whyteside forever.
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Happy Birthday Moz. You brought light into my life when I first heard your voice as a teenager and there is a light that never goes out...With the new material it has never been so exciting to be a Morrissey fan. Istanbul is just wonderful and makes us all remember why we fell in love with you as an artist.
Re: Happy Birthday Morrissey

Now Today Tomorrow and Always
Love from Portugal!!!
Happy Birthday Morrissey :)
Happy Birthday, dear Morrissey.

You mean a lot to me. Enjoy your day. :)
I know that you'll probably never read this..but..

Happy Birthday My Love. Thank you for making life bearable.

And no, I haven't forgotten. You will see my smiling face soon, I promise you.

Come back, or meet me halfway. If you feel so inclined, that is.
Happy Birthday, my dearest love!
the world would be a terrible place without you, happy birthday morrissey
Happy birthday Mozz, you're still the greatest, always have been, always will be.
Spain loves you, well, maybe not the bullfighters but no one gives a f***k about them.
very birthday !

55 !

amaze !


*55 Morrissey birthday candle-cake*

i i i i i
i i i i i-i i i i i
- i i i i i -i i i i i- i i i i i -
i i i i i - i i i i i -i i i i i- i i i i i
-i i i i i


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Happy Birthday, Morrissey. You are a lot of things, but you're never boring.

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Happy Birthday Morrissey, you truly are a remarkable man.
May you have many more years ahead of you xxx

Still as gorgeous now as you were then!

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Just a couple of days ago, I wrote a text on Morrissey´s comeback, one more on You Are The Quarry´s tenth anniversary [Spanish only], and another one on The Smiths´debut album, but today there´s a different reason to celebrate the pop icon and poet that changed the lives of many people. Today, the godfather of melancholia and wit becomes 55 [...]

But beyond repeating statements that I wrote before, there´s a better way to celebrate Manchester´s legend: to go deep (not so deep) into lists made by the man himself (Morrissey loves to compile vestiges of pop culture) where he choose his favorite songs, albums and singers of all time [...]


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