Morrissey turns 54 - May 22, 2013

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By Girl-Afraid on May 22, 2013 at 8:47 AM
  1. Girl-Afraid

    Girl-Afraid Least Likely To

    Feb 12, 2013
    South East England
    Ok it's abit early in UK but in certain countries it's already 22nd!

    So in the build up to midnight (UK time) let's all wish our charming man a happy 54th birthday!

    (Feel free to ignore this until the actual date is here in your country! ;) )

    I'll start:

    I love you Morrissey and I hope you have a wonderful birthday tomorrow. As you always said older is better...


    And please, please, please, let me get what I want (a UK tour in late 2013/2014!!!)
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    1. CamilleSebastianMelmoth
      A Happy Birthday to Morrissey and many many more to the most talented singer. Camille Sebastian Melmoth
    2. Oh my god. it's Robby!
      Oh my god. it's Robby!
      I woke up this morning and put some Morrissey on, which I rarely do here:o
      then I noticed the day :) happy birthday :bow:
    3. celibate
      Re: At last I am born...I've come to wish you an unhappy birthday!

      yes here from the Netherlands waiting for the maingage item, but LAarea where David T
      lives is 11 hours behind

      well I wrote it on my Facebook

      Happy birthday , Morrissey

      I hope you have a wondefull day with family friends and lots of gifts from your regulars/iregulars

      [most likely to send is his Altrinckham adress where his mum lives, but it's Morrissey's]

      greetings and still ill from the hill

      [48, old bastard]
    4. Anonymous

      Happy birthday my love! hope you have a fab day, and dont drink too much if any with that ulcer. All my love where ever you are
      Sara xxx
    5. VivaGil
      Morrissey, you're the man that taught my cold Mexican heart to feel... and to express myself. hopefully many more songs sung and birthdays celebrated.
    6. goinghome
      A few scribbled lines of free verse for the occasion:

      The Pilgrim Season

      We recall and await the pilgrim season
      to go for a walk again and talk,
      as dust lands and time zones fatigue,
      about love, law and poverty, yeah;
      to trash, as one, buckled politicians,
      handcuffed judges, and lock-jawed pop-stars
      whose managers spin and harangue about bills.
      There is less sympathy for the incessant
      filling-in of royalty forms, so look at the camera,
      mess around and pull faces,
      oh you handsome devil, Morrissey!
      like the diddymen fan, the viz comic reader,
      the charming man leading
      the one true free life born you are,
      our own masked happiness merchant.

      Happy birthday, Morrissey! x
    7. Anonymous
      what no barleycorn on the first page?!
      no hysterical age based witticism? no sneeringly pompous digs? must have got himself a job.

      all the best Mozza. ( as if he's gonna read this drivel)
    8. alcoholic afternoons
    9. sweetness522
      Happy birthday to my one true love. :love:

      We are waiting for your return to the stage. Patient as ever. Love you forever.
    10. jayeash
      Happy Birthday to beloved Morrissey! :flowers:

      Yesterday and today I was quite depressed by the death of Ray Manzarek, so I forget today is Mozzer's birthday. :p
      Girl-Afraid, Thank you for this thread and this charming 'older is better' photo! It made me happy smile.
    11. MelissaD
      Happy Birthday Morrissey! Thank you for you and your music, you are a blessing.
    12. cinar
      Happy birthday Morrissey. Thanks for changing my life, I dunno how I can thank to you. All you should do is to stand up and defend me. Then in the future all will be well!
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    13. cinar
      Cakes for him?

      Please share what you have done for his birthday...
      I had done a cake for him, it looks like the bakery did a great job!

    14. billybud71
      Happy birthday Mozzer. Hope too see soon!
    15. Anonymous
      Happy birthday from your amigos in El Paso, Tejas! We're ready to celebrate your 54th at Bowie Feathers tonight.
    16. Anonymous
      Morrissey is the most profound, prolific, and often provocative, lyricist in the history of pop music; his words articulate what many of us cannot or dare not say about our lives. I wish him a happy, healthy, and productive year.

    17. DubbalinGirl
      Happy birthday, Morrissey! Thank you for rocking my world...will be raising a margarita or six in your honor tonight!
    18. Raphael Lambach
      Raphael Lambach
      Of course, I've written my homage to Morrissey!!!

      It's on my blog.
    19. Girlmostlikely
      Happy Birthday, Morrissey!!!:love:

      I wish you a lovely day and a peaceful, healthy and satisfying year ahead. You have given me so much, I can only offer my appreciation, loyalty and love.

      I am hopeful you will soon return to your full glory back on the stage where you truly shine. And hopefully I will be lucky enough to share it:)

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