Morrissey turns 53 - May 22, 2012

Re: Happy Birthday Morrissey!

Happy birthday, you old fruit! Thanks for being responsible for some of the greatest songs ever written. And one or two of the worst...


Happy blazing day uncle mozz..we wish ur all the best.and stay become the fathersof indie..we love u mozz..and your returning to Jakarta..and thanks for being my inspiring person in my life..
Yes, that was me smoking! To bad Nazi, show me the data! There never was any Troll's! Truth.
Happy Birthday! One more song and I would have been up there, can't you do two encores, like the rest of the humanoids?
Morrissey opened tonight's show by saying "It's my party and I'll cry if I want to..." :)
ST. Rita help us all! " Because we must, because we must, because we must!"
What a great show in S. D. Polished and practiced to near perfection. These guys are a group and it shows. Tight sound, rocking and Morrisseys voice strong and clear....Good Luck to 53rd and 3rd!m&d
Happy Birthday Morrissey, see you in Manchester soon!!!!!! Love you lots. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Only a few more years til he's a mildly eccentric bookseller, done with the music business, in Ireland, with a budgie for company...

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