Morrissey turns 53 - May 22, 2012

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By nothappynotsad on May 22, 2012 at 6:30 AM
  1. nothappynotsad

    nothappynotsad Snapping necks and cashing checks

    Feb 15, 2011
    Post your birthday wishes in the comments section below.

    Russ writes:

    in honor of morrissey's birthday and national goth day, we at flavorpill gathered a truly stunning/hilarious gallery of photos of moz BEING HAPPY. it's all real
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    1. Anonymous
      Happy Birthday :) (again)

      ps. surely thats not a drunk mark e. smith ranting above. Hit The North etc !
    2. Anonymous
      Happy Birthday Moz from your amigos in El Paso, Texas! Join us for a last-minute Moz BDay Bash tonight at Club 101, on Viscount, in east El Paso. DJ Rene Romo will spin plenty of Moz/Smiths, Britpop, Motown, and Rockabilly from 9pm-2am. No cover.
    3. Tomas delatorre
      Tomas delatorre
      feliz cumpleaños maestro Morrissey , siempre seras mi musico numero 1
    4. Jacque
      Happy Birthday Morrissey from Pittsburg
    5. Jaime
      Feliz cumpleaños Morrissey.

      Que sepas que el regalo que me hizo mi novia por mi 36 cumpleaños fue un pack cojonudo que incluía: camiseta You are the Quarry (old style), entrada para tu concierto en Madrid (FIB), billete de avión y noche de hotel.

      El mejor regalo de cumpleaños de mi vida!!!

      Aunque por otro lado esta misma novia no me ha dejado ponerle como nombre Morrissey (Sánchez Alonso) a nuestro bebé de 3 meses. A ver si al segundo.

      Larga vida al Rey!
      [email protected]
      Birthday Poem for ya, Morrissey...'cos your'e worth it, chuck....

      To be misunderstood, with such a passion
      To be hated and adored,... in and out of fashion
      To be misquoted, misconstrued
      Well...It all seems very rude
      On a web-site
      That you have STATED is shite
      well, we all still converge anyway
      to wish you happy birthday this night.
    7. lux girl
      lux girl
      Happy Birthday Morrissey!
      Please come and see us soon in Dublin.
      Love ya x
    8. Anonymous
      Many happy returns old boy.
    9. tjmode74
      From Tijuana Mexico, have a happy and great birthday.
    10. Anonymous
      Re: Happy Birthday Morrissey!

      Happy Birthday Morrissey,,,,, I <3 U!!!!! You have a truly amazng voice and the looks to go with it,,,, have a good one!!!! xxxxx
    11. Anonymous
      I know you can read, so Happy Birthday Stevie!
    12. Anonymous
      Tonight you can be your usual boring self, or you can be as playful as you like...

      Happy Birthday Moz!
    13. Dave2006
      From all of the puny brothers of rain coated lovers - Happy Birthday Morrissey!

    14. Anonymous
      Morrissey 'never get old'!
      Meilleurs voeux de bonheur pour cette nouvelle année depuis Paris to who(m) your Heart belongs
      J'espère te voir bientôt,
    15. Anonymous
      It is world goth day not "national goth day", New Girl.
    16. Anonymous
      Happy Birthday! Hope you throw us a good party here in SD tonite!
    17. Vauxhall Vixen
      Vauxhall Vixen
      Happy Birthday dear Moz, wishing you another great year,
      Greetings from Sunny Stockport (yes, it really is sunny today!)
    18. Hedda O.
      Hedda O.
      Screaming and throwing flowers around - sometimes it's the only reasonable action. Thanks for doing it so beautifully.

      Best wishes on your birthday.

      Much love,

      Hedda O.
    19. Anonymous
      Morrissey I feel so deeply connected with your music and ethics - Your lyrics convey emotions at every level - see u in Manchester love you 4 ever - hope our paths cross one day so I can tell u in person Barb UK (always on the side of the animal)
    20. Anonymous
      Happy BIRTHDAY MORRISSEY! I have been living the day up
      With your music from smiths up till you went solo. My
      Birthday is sunday so I shall keep this up till than :) well lots
      Of love man you reallyvshould come to Baltimore Maryland
      USA to do a show! Hope you have your self a very unhappy birthday
      From stop me ooooo stop me stop me if you think
      That you heard this one befor" your biggest fan Dale Stinsonjr"

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