Morrissey turns 52 - May 22, 2011



May I be the first to wish someone a happy birthday that won't see this message or care either way if he did? :)


Happy Birthday! Thank you for all the great work you do!


Manchester United did their bit and made sure they lift the trophy for a record 19th time on his birthday.

keith vanetta

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We've never left you for one second and your birthday may just be the only one we know other than our own. All the best and hope to hear you soon. xo


Too far removed from reality to care about what his fans think. It's amazing for how 'obsessed' his fans are with him and he could care less about them. Happy Birthday to everyone who has a birthday, not just Moz!


Dear Morrissey,

My Love for you reaches for you, above and beyond the stars that sprinkle amidst the sky
My Love for you is more precious than a new born baby’s first cry
My Love for you is more real than “reality” itself
My Love for you is older than your Mr. Wilde himself
My Love for you exceeds time, space, the whole entire universe
My Love for you is more wise than you understand even yourself
My Love for you is more powerful than God or Satan or any religion
My Love for you is more sacred than any bible, book, psalm, prayer ever written
My Love for you, I inscribed on a black wall in Manhattan scratched with a fountain pen
My Love for you defies any and all explanation
My Love for you cannot be described with the term “I love you more than life”. No as I do not love life
My Love for you is where I turn to whenever I need direction or advice
My Love for you is my constant
My Love for you is what I understand
My Love for you is non refundable, no exchanges, cannot be returned
My Love for you is my only one
My Love for you is my realization
My Love for you is forever, eternal
And when I die, you’ll be on my mind … I’ll never stop Loving you. I never will. I never will. I never will.


P.S. In the newspaper today it said that your horoscope and BTW it is technically still May 21st here, your horoscope said Be bold. Be brave. Above all be yourself. Yes I read your horoscope every day. Can you imagine. Never mind, don't answer that. Like you’re even here. Like you’d even come on this mysterious mystifying mythological site. Wish fulfillment. I know you don't come on here but I'm talking to you like you do. Yes I'm insane. But a girl can dream, can't she. I’ll tell you tomorrow what your birthday horoscope is as it is before midnight here now. But that’s for today and where you are it doesn’t matter but I just wanted to tell you that I just want you to continue being Morrissey and I also would like to add to the horoscope to please keep your chin up. It is with the assortment of Muslim terrorists on the site. Just don’t listen to them because nothing bad they say about you is true.

And most importantly I’ll always stay true to you.

Happy Birthday My Sacred One

I Love You

Beatriz Vaceli - Brazil

I never know what to write, but I know that is infectious to me and everyone here say something related to you. I'm away so much as the generation of the paths or even by nationality, but after all that has emerged as a flower inside of me, I know it will always remain, now that I know my true hero is you, dear Morrissey. Happy birthday, with all my heart.

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