Morrissey tries to buy lampshade in Ikea

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Pissed Aunt Sally
'Allo Senoritas y Senors,

I have done a parody of Morrissey trying to buy a lampshade in Ikea for

This is NOT real, at all, it's just something childish whilst I was trying to escape from a mountain of ironing.

The parody is made of video screencaps from, 'The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get.'

Link is here:

Thank you and goodbye.

Please note: does not share my childish views, and although the name is quite apt, I mean no malicious input towards Morrissey........Or his lawyers.
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I smiled.


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"we have it on note that he likes fridge magnets and teatowels"

Daft, but it sure brightened my day, thankyou.


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:thumb: I liked it a lot, thanks! :lbf:
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