Morrissey to play Tropicalia Fest (Long Beach, CA Nov. 3, passes on sale Aug 10) - Official Twitter

UPDATE Aug. 9:

Morrissey to play on Saturday Nov. 3 according to @mozangelesevents / Instagram. An anonymous person posted the link:

(The '@' links to a new Twitter profile for the event).

From (2 day image updated):



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I reckon all I am hearing around Moz Angeles is "dude Uncle Steve and Mazzy Star are going to be playing together for the first time at the taco concert" I have seen Uncle Steve and Hope hiking together at Tuna Canyon before, but reckon if they are going to be singing a duet. I hope it isn't "let me kiss you" else Aunt Nancy is going to storm out from backstage and punch Hope in the nose mate inn nnnnn n nnn n nnn n nnn nnn nn n n n n nn n it.
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Reckon already here and Air Morrissey is supposed to go on at 10PM closing on the Chalino stage. There are people that look like foreigners from Brittin and Yerop already at the front of the stage. It's pathetic what people have to do that don't live in Uncle Steve's hometown Moz Angeles. Only vegetarian (not vegan) tacos will be sold from 12:00PM. Mazzy Star goes on at 7:00PM on the same stage. Reckon hope the temperature doesn't drop below 70 so Uncle Steve doesn't get cold. You know how those people from LA get cold mate inn nnn nn nnn din't in n it.
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