Morrissey to play Hollywood Bowl (26 October, 2019) Interpol supporting - Morrissey Official FB


(Ticket link = Ticketmaster).

Image from the 2 posted by on IG:

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UPDATE July 31:

Link to press release posted by Thewlis:

Show in Irvine is sold out.

Morrissey Sells Out Five Points Amphitheatre, Announces Hollywood Bowl Tour Finale
The Britpop icon will end his US Fall arena tour at the legendary Los Angeles venue on Oct. 26 joined by special guests Interpol
Tickets onsale Friday, August 2nd at 12 P.M. EST

The Los Angeles love affair with Morrissey continues. Due to popular demand, Morrissey has announced the final show of his arena headline tour at the Hollywood Bowl on Saturday, October 26th. This special show will be the Britpop icon’s last stop on a sprawling U.S. fall tour that will see Moz across both coasts. The show was announced this morning on KROQ and comes on the heels of Morrissey selling out the antepenultimate show of the tour at the Five Points Amphitheatre in Irvine, California.
Touring in support of his latest LP, 60s/70s covers album California Son (Étienne Records/BMG), Morrissey will kick off the tour on September 5th in Maryland’sMerriweather Post Pavilion. The rock pioneer will be joined on the road by post-punk luminaries Interpol. California Son entered Billboard’s Vinyl Album Chart at #1 in May.
Morrissey’s "Smash Hit" Broadway residency kicked off his 2019 campaign earlier this summer with a series of seven "instant sell-out" shows at Manhattan's Lunt-Fontanne Theatre. Critics worldwide raved about the run, which saw Moz draw material from throughout his remarkable repertoire of hits ranging from his storied early days with the Smiths to his acclaimed solo releases. Jon Pareles of The New York Times described his opening night performance as “ impeccably sung” and “as intimate as his songs themselves.”
Fans still remember Morrissey’s last Hollywood Bowl appearances as two of his all-time best. Morrissey himself will find it hard to forget the 35,000 seat sell out for the launch of his Low in High School tour, which lead the Mayor of Los Angeles to officially proclaim November 10th as “Morrissey Day”.

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First, the Broadways shows weren't all sold out. Ssecond the only reason they sold, in the end, was due to having tickets reduced, from over $300 to under $100 .
Second NONE of the current shows are sold out at all. This is worse than usual as he has such a big name band as support. Just how fewer tickets would have been sold without Interpol?

I personally, don't think there is anything wrong with the image used but you can kinda tell Moz is desperate not to lose that Mexican support
There was a time when Irvine would have sold fast. Not now. Tickets still available. NOT sold out.

None of the remaining shows have sold out.

If there is another UK tour it'll be a disaster and likely cancelled for logistical reasons or as it is more commonly known fans staying away from a racist old git.

Why has this persons posts been marked down its TRUE TRUE TRUE . My LA friends say the Moz fan base has shrunk. Moz nights don't sell as well as they used to . The gigs don't sell as well as they used to.
Mozarmy just isn't what it was.
I don't see why telling the truth is trolling.

If people would point that out to Moz he may be in better shape. I'm not hating its just facts. He isn't wanted in the UK and most of Europe at the moment and the USA is catching on. I still love the guy and his music but people like me are few and far between- apart from in Mexico etc but I expect its where they dont really get it

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