Morrissey to play Hollywood Bowl (26 October, 2019) Interpol supporting - Morrissey Official FB

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By Famous when dead on Jul 29, 2019 at 3:41 PM
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    (Ticket link = Ticketmaster).

    Image from the 2 posted by on IG:

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    UPDATE July 31:

    Link to press release posted by Thewlis:

    Show in Irvine is sold out.

    Morrissey Sells Out Five Points Amphitheatre, Announces Hollywood Bowl Tour Finale
    The Britpop icon will end his US Fall arena tour at the legendary Los Angeles venue on Oct. 26 joined by special guests Interpol
    Tickets onsale Friday, August 2nd at 12 P.M. EST

    The Los Angeles love affair with Morrissey continues. Due to popular demand, Morrissey has announced the final show of his arena headline tour at the Hollywood Bowl on Saturday, October 26th. This special show will be the Britpop icon’s last stop on a sprawling U.S. fall tour that will see Moz across both coasts. The show was announced this morning on KROQ and comes on the heels of Morrissey selling out the antepenultimate show of the tour at the Five Points Amphitheatre in Irvine, California.
    Touring in support of his latest LP, 60s/70s covers album California Son (Étienne Records/BMG), Morrissey will kick off the tour on September 5th in Maryland’sMerriweather Post Pavilion. The rock pioneer will be joined on the road by post-punk luminaries Interpol. California Son entered Billboard’s Vinyl Album Chart at #1 in May.
    Morrissey’s "Smash Hit" Broadway residency kicked off his 2019 campaign earlier this summer with a series of seven "instant sell-out" shows at Manhattan's Lunt-Fontanne Theatre. Critics worldwide raved about the run, which saw Moz draw material from throughout his remarkable repertoire of hits ranging from his storied early days with the Smiths to his acclaimed solo releases. Jon Pareles of The New York Times described his opening night performance as “ impeccably sung” and “as intimate as his songs themselves.”
    Fans still remember Morrissey’s last Hollywood Bowl appearances as two of his all-time best. Morrissey himself will find it hard to forget the 35,000 seat sell out for the launch of his Low in High School tour, which lead the Mayor of Los Angeles to officially proclaim November 10th as “Morrissey Day”.

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Discussion in 'Tour' started by Famous when dead, Jul 29, 2019.

    1. vegan cro spirit 555
      vegan cro spirit 555
      true they live in the ancient past when DramaJ would have money from Moz to buy gay jewelry.
      those days are long gone, its pasties for the:handpointright::guardsman::handpointleft: of today.;)
    2. Amy
      Morrissey once joked that he was "5 parts Crumlin, 5 parts Old Trafford." So tell me, what do you know about "the whole of who he is"? Fool. The only reason you still think the sun shines out of his arse is because you have no idea about his cultural background at all.
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    3. Anonymous
      We'd love it if it was just one sentence. Unfortunately, it's been one idiotic statement or gesture after another for nearly two years, and his fan-base is absolutely shattering.
      Some bad news for you too - it appears the same thing is happening in the US. In his entire career, ticket sales for his Hollywood Bowl shows have never sold so slowly and so pitifully.
    4. moekay
      I was in the pit and I needed to get back in after a break - I'm not wasting precious ticket money/time messing with the ushers.
    5. Anonymous
      I hate when people intimate that something is so beyond your grasp that they won't even bother to explain it.
      "There's so much you don't know. *titter*"
      What about his cultural background should color how we view his recent pronouncements?
      I'm reasonably informed about UK politics.

      Are you talking about the fact that his parents were immigrants?
      That isn't lost on me. I can only attempt to understand.
      Pakistan's culture is not as close to England's as Ireland's culture is. If, as people worry, mass immigration will lead to the disappearance of English culture with the immigrants replacing the dominant culture, an England with Irish culture is far closer to English culture than an England with Pakistani culture. I think immigration from Pakistan is eliciting such strong responses because of the culture's unfamiliarity. This disparity between the two cultures makes them mix like water and oil. The extremists who hate England and want to initiate a Holy war are always reported on, which leads people to be suspicious of their immigrant neighbors. Etcetera.

      The big picture:
      Morrissey longs for an England of the past, which he's always been attracted to and always romanticized.
      He sees England changing very quickly and moving farther and father away from his ideal.
      Of course, he's going to resist that change.
      Morrissey has always been conservative in that sense, and it's that very quality that produced some of his best work.

      I'm willing to accept the above as a valid, though unpreventable, concern. As long as that love for his own culture doesn't turn to sourness or hatred of others, I see nothing wrong with him holding this view.
      Yes, the sun still shines out of his behind. He's fantastic.
    6. AztecCamera
      I reckon you lots need to stop thinking The California Son is some Brittish icon/martyr. For starters his last name is Morrissey. There is no evidence he was even born in Mankchaster or Brittin for that matter. Anyone can forge a birth certificate and post it in a book called The Oregon Son and The California Son/The Severed Alliance. He has no loyalties to Mankchaster at all. He graduated from Hollywood High, has his plot at Hollywood Forever, and calls himself the CALIFORNIA SON! Wake up inn nn nnn nn nn nnn it.
    7. Anonymous
      Is this a threat of violence at a Morrissey show? Not cool.
    8. Anonymous
      Yikes - just had a look at Ticketmaster and apart from the front couple of rows, each section still has 100+ tickets available. Slighty worrying. :straightface:
    9. Anonymous
      And how much you want to bet those front couple of rows are mostly re-sellers?
    10. Anonymous
      For the Hollywood Bowl? I know it’s worrying and wonder if the whole/part tour will be pulled with some feeble excuse

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