Morrissey to play at the Cruel World Festival (Carson, CA, May 2, 2020)


Information via Jesse Tobias:


Event website:
(presale tickets / prices).
Update February 15: tickets sold out.

A nice selection of bands.

Media items:
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How's that Leeds date selling, you f***ing jackass?

You wouldn't be suggesting he can only sell dates out when there's several other acts on the bill, would you?

Skinny save your money for the Spicy Girls show. Drama Le Pew rumored to be strumming the
guitar for them HUGE news for the little dweeb. Watch out One Direction, Drama is coming.:rofl:

they announce moz to headline the Cruel Fest and it sells out in ONE HOUR!!!!!!:lbf::lbf::lbf:

Paris SOLD OUT:lbf:

LEES only a handful of tickets left:lbf: ALSO in the SOLD OUT CATEGORY!!

skinny find a rubber crow fry it and eat it.:yum:
Oh please. Billie Eilish just won a Grammy for her debut album, on which she wrote all tracks and co-produced it with her brother. This makes her much more of "a seasoned professional" than Morrissey who in his 60 years on this planet has not learnt to play a musical instrument. I'm pretty sure more people have heard of her at the moment than Morrissey.

Meanwhile, at the house of Grammy:
The Grammy's are fixed according to a former Recording Academy CEO.
In Deborah Dugan’s claims against the Recording Academy she mentioned “secret committees” and board members who push certain artists they have relationships with, calling out a practice that, if true, would be a flagrant example of corruption.
The voice is a musical instrument. It hits notes and makes patterns the same way any instruments does and takes just as much training to do well and just as much of a musical ear

All events through March currently.
See link for further details.
Larger list of events in LA affected to see the full extent currently:

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