Morrissey to duet with Mary Coughlan?

Tom Dunne interviewed Mary Coughlan today on Today FM for a piece called "My Life in Music" and at the end he mentioned that off air she had said she may be doing a duet with Morrissey....after which he played The More You Ignore Me The Closer I's hoping, at least confirms new tunes are more than likely in the offing :thumb:

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Where do you live? You are so unable to process information that it is scary. Which is supposed to be the wind people up part of my posts? I hope you do not live in a democracy, because this would be rather scary for the others in your country as you so much need others to think for you. Democracy cannot work with sheep like you.

Oh fer f***s sake give it a rest. First it was Mary Coughlan, then it was gay men, then it was gay women, then it was Frankie Goes To Hollywood etc. etc. Now its sheep!!!!!! The world is indeed full of Crashing you.

Oh, and by the way, Democracy is all about embracing differences and respecting the opinions and rights of ALL people in the society, yes even minorities - something that seems to have passed you by, so in fact if anyone is fascist thinking it's arseholes like you.

Bored with your prattle. Goodbye.


Don't Leave Us In The Dark
Please Morrissey...don't record anything with her. If you must do a duet then go ahead, but don't commit anything to recording history. Your musical legacy is unsullied so far so no point ruining it now.

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