Morrissey to DJ Tonight on Virgin Radio!! For the love of God, somebody tape it and put it online...

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    Razor Cuts, Sunday (Night) 16 May
    Graham Coxon plays live in session, plus... A Morrisey Special! Razor Cuts devotes a whole hour to the great man to do, well... basically what the hell he likes. Will he play his new album in its entirety back-to-back?... will he reveal some of his favourite solo or Smiths tracks?... treat us to a taste of some of the new bands he's planning to sign to the Attack label that Sanctuary Records have promised him?... or perhaps preview some of the new tracks he's written for his next-door neighbour Nancy Sinatra. You'll just have to listen in...

    Here's the link:
  2. Next week? apologies to all. bugger.
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    Re: Now they're playing Crashing Bores. Next week the duet!

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