Morrissey to be on 'Later... With Jools Holland'

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How can those people who do not reside in the uk watch it? :)

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Thanks for the info, M23. I hope he'll do another interview with Jools Holland. The last one was..just too funny (awkward).


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I would not worry too much EP there are some really cool people who always record and upload these kind of things, I would expect it to be up and about on this site shortly after it airs. Thanks to the kind people who do that for us! :D
Fingers crossed! :) I :sweet: those kind people...
Excellent news - love Jools' show.

It'll be interesting to see what he performs. I think last time he played three of the Quarry singles - "Let Me Kiss You", "First of the Gang" and "Irish Blood" - as well as "There Is A Light", which was was playing on tour at the time.

We'll certainly get "That's How People Grow Up" and probably "All You Need Is Me" too. After that? Likely "Paris" or "One Day Goodbye ...", and one of the older songs he's been doing lately, like "Boy With the Thorn" or "Playboys".

Anyway, can't wait.


shawnxvx mentioned US channel which is showing Later in there.

I registered BBC mailing list, hope to see the recording of the programme. :)
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