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    Morrissey: the Women Who Inspired the Music Icon - AnotherMan
    As a new biopic of the musician hits cinemas, we celebrate the women in his life such as Linder Sterling and Patti Smith

    By Alex Denny.

    'Women have always loomed large in Morrissey’s work, from his most famous lyric, “I am the son and heir of nothing in particular” – a lift from George Eliot’s Middlemarch – to his sleeve art for The Smiths’ records, which mapped out a new iconography of brassy-as-fuck, working-class women. Even the title track to The Smiths’ masterpiece The Queen Is Dead can be read as Moz’s attempt to reconcile his own overweening mother-love with the hated female authority figure of our reigning monarch: “When you’re tied to your mother’s apron no one talks about castration,” indeed.'

    Mixing England is Mine references in with an article about Morrissey's female influences.

    Link poached from RF.
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    1. celibate
      It's also no secret Morrissey's mother has influenced his life, and still
      means a lot , but that's mother/son relation which cannot compared with others.
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