Morrissey: The Prime Minister Britain Actually Needs by Charlie Nash - Gateway Pundit

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Morrissey: The Prime Minister Britain Actually Needs - Gateway Pundit
Guest Post By Breitbart’s Charlie Nash


The British General Election is on Thursday, and the people are faced with a disappointing range of candidates. With the success of Brexit and Nigel Farage’s departure, UKIP are as good as dead, and Tim Farron’s Liberal Democrats have marketed themselves as a more anti-Brexit clone of the Labour party, leaving us with two main party candidates to choose from:

The Conservative Party’s Theresa May, an unelected Prime Minister who publicly wants to bring about government control over the internet, and who pretends to be for Brexit, despite having treated the general populace like children during her campaign against it.

The Labour Party’s Jeremy Corbyn, a man who wants to outlaw internships, nationalize everything, and could probably be likened to a more communist version of Bernie Sanders were this not an insult to Sanders’ name.

But what if there were an appealing third party candidate? Someone who would address Islam, ensure that Britain gets the best Brexit deal possible, and effectively become the United Kingdom’s answer to Donald Trump?

What if Steven Patrick Morrissey, the former frontman for The Smiths, decided to run for Prime Minister?

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