Poll Morrissey the person is a dick, Morrissey the songwriter is great

Morrissey the person is a dick, Morrissey the songwriter is great

  • Morrissey makes me want to eat animals.

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You are wrong.

If Morrissey was to write lyrics and Boz wrote the music then both would be credited as SONGWRITERS for that track, right?

To my knowledge, Morrissey writes the melodies he sings. A pure lyricist in the Broadway or Tin Pan Alley sense would write lyrics to go along with an already-composed melody.

Whether that makes Morrissey a song “songwriter” is debatable but he’s more that just a lyricist.
Anne Marie Waters has been gobbing off about nazis and racial separatists of late.
Is she really shocked that her party attracts such people?
Same with the other Zionist shill 'Tommy Robinson'.

These people are hilarious but they just prove how racist Zionism is. They are in bed with Nazis over Islam.

Stephen Hofmann

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His wholehearted support for For Britain remains on his personal website, and has been there for two years. His glowing endorsement of the party there does not mention animal rights once. It talks about bulldog spirit and keeping the country safe. Utterly nauseating far-right rhetoric. The man is a politically illiterate idiot who has deservedly shed tens of thousands of fans. He will probably never be able to record another album again unless he acknowledges his foolishness and retracts his support.

Keeping the country safe is nauseating and far-right, is it?
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