Morrissey The Night Pop Dropped (live) unofficial video

Well done , keep it up. It's encouraging that there are still people who want to popularize Morrissey's work .
How long did it take for you to make this?
Couple of hours. First I downloaded the clips (or ripped them from YouTube) and then uploaded them to my editing software. There is a multi camera tool which automatically synchs up multiple clips of the same thing based on the audio. Then its just a case of jumping between the clips. I then tidying it all up a bit, added the other clips of Bowie and Iggy and the Pistols and there you have it. Download it into an MP4 and upload it to YouTube. I quite enjoy making these multi camera edits. If anyone can suggest a song or live moment that many people videoed and then uploaded clips to YouTube I'll pull another one together.
Nice video, Smiler.
I've only listened to the song 4 or 5 times, though, but it just seems like a pretty forgettable album track.
Maybe it's a grower?
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