Morrissey - the lost album 2011-2020

Gregor Samsa

I straighten up, and my position is one of hope.
Every single one of these are bloody awful. Some of you have got shocking taste.
That said, good idea for a thread.
I’m sure you’re missing Kiss Me A Lot, but feel free to add that one and NC Drops Dead and whatever else you enjoy to your own album picks.


  1. If Saturday Ever Comes
  2. Earth Is the Loneliest Planet
  3. Lover-to-Be
  4. Kiss Me A Lot
  5. Istanbul
  6. The Bullfighter Dies
  7. Bobby, Don't You Think They Know?
  8. Spent the Day in Bed
  9. Darling, I Hug a Pillow
  10. Jacky's Only Happy When She's Up on the Stage
  11. The Kid's A Looker (from Visconti’s 'Studio in Session' program)
  12. Smiler with Knife
I don’t care for California Son, but if you must, take Smiler out and put It’s Over instead.


Life is Golden
Side A
1 Jim Jim Falls
2 World Peace is None of Your Business
3 What kind of people live in those houses?
4 Brow of my Beloved
5 One of our Own
6 Home is a Question Mark

Side B
1 Action is My Middle Name
2 Once I Saw the River Clean
3 Istanbul
4 Spend the Day in Bed
5 Kiss Me a Lot
6 Scandinavia

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Album Title...... The almost hits.

1. I wish you lonely
2. Art hounds
3. Bobby
4. Once I saw the river clean
5. One of our own
6. It’s over
7. Home is a question mark
8. Lady willpower
9. When you open your legs
10.Staircase at the university
11. Earth is the loneliest planet.

Etchings on vinyl.......

Coors ruins you.


'Do not resuscitate - this could be my chance'
Title: I'm Still Not a Man

Kiss me a lot
World Peace
I bury the living
Jim Jim falls
Staircase at University
I wish you lonely
Home is a question mark
Jacky's only happy
My hurling days are done
What kind of people
Once I saw the river clean
I'm not a man


Grea - another sh*tty compilation album - just what we need! :p
Hahahah yeah but 2008 Greatest Hits album was just a bunch of You Are the Quarry and Ringleader of the Tormentors songs with three bonuses threw in, right? So this could easily be another Greatest Hits (though none of them are hits). If he had a record deal, anyway...


Difficukt, but am going with this:

1 Blue Dreamer's Eyes
2 By The Time I Get To Wherever I'm Going
3 Action Is My Middle Name
4 Brow Of My Beloved
5 I Couldn’t Understand Why People Laughed
6 If Saturday Ever Comes
7 Lover To Be
8 I Thought You Were Dead
9 You Don't Need Their Approval
10 This Song Doesn't End When It's Over
11 Some Say I Got Devil
12 Once Upon A Woman's Body


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1. Staircase at the University
2. One of Our Own
3. Never Again Will I Be a Twin
4. Jacky's Only Happy When She's Up on the Stage
5. I Thought You Were Dead
6. Oboe Concerto

7. Jim Jim Falls
8. I Am Not a Dog on a Chain
9. Once I Saw The River Clean
10. Don't Interrupt the Sorrow
11. Lenny's Tune
12. My Hurling Days Are Done
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