Morrissey: The Last Unwoke Pop Star - The Post Millennial

Morrissey: The Last Unwoke Pop Star - The Post Millennial
By Libby Emmons and Barrett Wilson


There was always only one Morrissey. But in 2019, this matters more than it ever has. All intelligent people know that we must separate the art from the artist. In our culture, this results in disallowing an artists’ real-life actions to affect the perception and appreciation of their art. It’s harder to apply this basic rule to Morrissey. That’s because, more than any other artist, Morrissey is his art.

The article link has subsequently been shared by Morrissey Official Facebook, Jesse & Morrissey Central.
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A good, considered, article which celebrates Morrissey’s fierce independence from the nihilism that defines modern liberalism.

Nevertheless, Morrissey and Kanye West are scarcely the last living punks: Grace Jones, for one instance, played her part. And she contributes to a massive concert in the UK this Saturday (inexplicably, beneath Lauryn Hill in the billing).
This opening salvo intends to promote the writers as intellectuals with understanding of psychological and sociological norms. However, it reads very much like an excitable 15 year old attempting to please someone, anyone.

“All intelligent people know that we must separate the art from the artist.”
… with this objectivity disappears. We are in a blame culture.

“Morrissey is his art.” If this is true then his political statements are intrinsic to his core beliefs. Those beliefs could arguably filter to his lyrics. This confirms why so many fans have left the fold. They believe that what Morrissey says, Morrissey is. Racist.

“In our culture.” It would have been helpful to define who’s culture this is?

This … “Morrissey is ultimately a critically thinking individual, who does not hold back his views, his heart, his art, or his love.” … as mentioned later in the piece.

In a political sense Morrissey is one of the least critical thinkers I’m aware of. He lashes out like an erratic Trump never holding back his views only to later claim that he has been misinterpreted – even when he ‘interviews’ himself. In a live setting his art is restricted to a rigid one hour and twenty minutes. Have the writers viewed any of the cover art proferred within the last few years? As for his heart and his love well, … he publicly denies his current ‘love’ as he has all of the others. There’s no heart at all in that behaviour and absolutely no compassion.

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