MORRISSEY "The Essential Rare Tracks" (2-disc set for beginners)

I'd Love To

Many thanks, I don't have a few of these songs. 'I Know Very Well How I got My Name' is incredibly beautiful, I agree.

edit: Also, thank you for the neat arrangement of the files.
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Thanks nice little collection to have, some nice little gems in one place.

Oso Blanco

The Truth Is Out There
I had most of these tracks, except the BBC versions Daddy's Voice and Shoplifters ... which sessions are they from and how did they surface?


Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself should have stayed as the early take, that jangle guitar is amazing!...and Oh Phoney should have stayed original on the Bona Drag remaster in my opinion...they removed the piano and other guitars parts!! :(
Skylarker, you are a patron saint amongst the Morrissey devoted and the fact that you went so far as to name this comp Vol. 1 - implying there will be future volumes of Moz greatness - makes my heart swell
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