Morrissey teams up with PETA for ‘Holidays Are Murder on Turkeys’ Campaign

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By Famous when dead on Oct 28, 2017 at 12:35 PM
  1. Famous when dead

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    Morrissey Teams Up With PETA for ‘Holidays Are Murder on Turkeys’ Campaign - PETA


    – For his November/December U.S. tour, Morrissey has teamed up with PETA to spread his own brand of seasonal cheer: a campaign called “Holidays Are Murder on Turkeys.”

    The flier’s specially crafted artwork (viewable here) features photos of Morrissey with animals behind a cartoon image of the veg icon holding aloft a sign bearing the campaign slogan. He has recruited PETA members to hand the fliers to thousands of fans exiting each of his 17 U.S. shows, including performances at the Hollywood Bowl and Madison Square Garden.

    “We hope this unique artwork will end up on refrigerators across the country as a reminder that animals shouldn’t be sacrificed for holiday feasts,” says PETA Vice President Dan Mathews.

    Morrissey once hosted a PETA Thanksgiving dinner at which a turkey was the guest of honor rather than the main course. For more information, please visit

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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Famous when dead, Oct 28, 2017.

    1. Uncleskinny
      The sentiment may be laudable, but PETA are dangerously uninformed murdering bastards. A ridiculous rabble.
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    2. Anonymous
      How many decades has it been since Morrissey had enough hair to make a quiff that enormous?
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    3. George the 23rd
      George the 23rd
      Well least we know the album cover could have been worse...
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    4. mcrickson
      Wonder why they didn't just do a new photoshoot.
    5. Anonymous
      Typicallyly amateurish, per PeTA's generationally lame advertising.
      This looks like ABC's "How To Be A Millionaire" video! That part I like. But not for Morrissey.
    6. BrummieBoy
      Will Santa be bringing Morrissey another cashmere cardigan?

      PETA clearly have no morals and will fawn before any celebrity for publicity, even those whose clothing choices legitmise animal cruelty.

      This ludicrous advertisement has a picture of Morrissey seizing hold of a lamb to rob the poor creatures wool.

      "little lamb on a hill, run fast if you can
      as Morrissey wants another cardigan...." Etc
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    7. Vegan
      Being a complete abolitionist vegan I also find much fault with PETA. I've softened my stance on them over the years because they do a lot of good. Hypocritical to the max though. Some of their policies are just absurd and not ethical at all. I guess you could also say that about Moz but Moz has done tons for animals as well so the shortcomings of both doesn't cancel out the good. As far as the infamous "cashmere" sweater...there is a possibility it is not wool.
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    8. Uncleskinny
      No there isn't. What evidence to do you have to the contrary?
    9. Vegan
      I have no evidence...but it *is* still possible, is it not? Unlikely? Yes.
    10. Quando quando quando
      Quando quando quando
      The statement " it is wool ", or " it is acrylic " is a useful one cause you can try to prove it is.
      The statement "it isn't wool " or " it isn't acrylic " is not a useful one cause by not finding any evidence for it still doesn't mean it isn't.
      The existence of evidence, is proof.
      Absence of evidence isn't.
    11. Uncleskinny
      Don't be ridiculous. The website statement was unambiguous. I was asking for evidence to the contrary.
    12. URBANUS
      Just had some chicken which is totally irrelevant of course.
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    13. URBANUS
      Their members are socially incompetent and trying to talk with them results in you having a discussion with a young girl who grunts her opinions from under the tash she grew cause she is cold from her anemia.

      I wanna hang them all in their Palestine scarves they are mocking.
    14. Mauricey
      Morrissey hasn't looked like that in over 20 years. Just sayin'
    15. g23
      They would have just put up a Christmas tree, three photoshopped turkeys, and had him hold up a candy cane dripping with fake blood. It's far too subtle as is to be considered album cover material.
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    16. The Wild Turkey
      The Wild Turkey
      Love and Thanks and Respect on behalf of The Entire Wild Turkey Community Moz!
      A true Friend Of The Feather! Our Hero!
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    17. URBANUS
      Never had turkey in my life. They only have it in the south of Sweden and in Denmark. But they speak like they do cause they never swallow their porridge.
    18. AztecCamera
      Awesome, top mental! Reckon around Thanksgiving time he is hitting the big Midwest meat eating cities (Chicago on Nov 25) I reckon how those slobs are going to respond? Should be interesting at the Argogogon Ballroom.

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    19. Ketamine Sun
      Ketamine Sun

      nah, but I think Santa will be bringing M a vegan-friendly cardigan like the one he might already have.

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