Morrissey Talks Label Troubles, Glastonbury - from Pitchfork magazine online


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Slight exaggeration, no? Jeez. Either you've completely ignored my last post or you're just trying to stir things up. If you think his current band are "exceptional" then you need your ears (and head) examined.

Sorry I'm not picking on you Amy, honest. I just thought I'd have a quick visit and saw your post... I saw Moz at Hop Farm - it was great! the band were GREAT!

I'm not trying to stir things up - your post was the first one I saw - I haven't been around for a while so you were in the firing line. I'm just back from the pub so am feeling a lot more mellow, I will check your previous post, promise. I like the current band that's all, I'll go and get my head examined soonest!

Fulham Road Lights

It seemed EMI approached Morrissey to collaborate with the reissue because he issued a statement on 14th August 2008 asking fans not to buy Rhino boxset.

Fair enough, but my question is why don't EMI want to release any of his new stuff if they were so keen on his back catalogue?
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