Morrissey takes up farming to save animals (PlayLouder April Fool's Day we think ?)

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PlayLouder's rather paltry April Fool's Day effort we think ?


Macca and Moz buy up farms to save animals
01 Apr 2005

Famous singing vegetarians Paul McCartney and Morrissey have announced that they're to team up and try to save at least some of the UK's farm animals from the butchers knife.

Not for them spending their hard-earned millions on extra houses owned by Clark Gable, instead the pair have launched an informal project to rescue sheep, cattle, pigs and poultry from the plate.

They intend to do this by buying up farms - it's thought that the project will initially focus on England and Wales, but could go worldwide if it proves a success. The pair will continue to run the farms on a free-range basis, with organic practices employed where possible, the only difference being that the animals will die of natural causes, rather than being blasted by a bolt from the blue.

However, while the move has been welcomed by animal rights organisations such as PETA, some farmers groups have reacted angrily, saying that the pop pair were exploiting the depressed agricultural industry. "It's hard enough to make a living from farming these days, and I've seen several of my neighbouring farmers even attempt suicide," said one south Wales dairy and beef farmer. "These two pop stars coming in and buying up land because it's cheap, and putting the likes of us out of work is not only arrogant, but will destroy the local economy."


Re: & From "The Grocer":

Maudlin singer Morrissey - ex frontman of 80's icons The Smiths - has negotiated a deal with Premier Brands for the use of an obscure b-side track to promote it's range of domestic-market tomato and brown ketchups. The song will be adapted to "Don't Make fun of Daddies Sauce" and will be accompany 30 second TV ads in the north and north west regions.
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